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Creating shareable content on Facebook and IG

creating shareable content

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ABBEY GIBB, Media Director Business Nitrogen

“How do I create super shareable content Abs?” “I want my videos to go viral!”

If I had a penny… My answer to this line of questioning is always: Instead of worrying how many followers you have, ask instead: am I worth following? Are you creating VALUE for your tribe whenever they check in? Are you creating content that resonates so much they have no choice but to comment, share and sing your praises to the high heavens?

As Chris Tuff “The Millennial Whisperer” says: Virality is just a byproduct of you striking a chord.

But hold my high horse because now that I’m off… there are some proven ninja moves to create more viral and shareable content.



It’s quite simple to add your twist to it.

First, do a search and find a post that have previously gone viral. You can use a service like ViralFindr or a similar type tool to search content by hashtags or usernames. Today checking the Explore Page on Instagram helps to see what’s trending including the type of content that is currently getting the most engagement. This is the best (algorithm and free) way to see what’s resonating with people at the moment.

After going through some of the content, try to think if there’s a video or a photo that you could reproduce yourself.

The approach is to take the idea of a viral post and recreate it.

In general: Videos always perform better on both platforms.



The point of growing your social media following and creating shareable, viralesc content comes down to a fun mix of authenticity and creativity.

Remember people know, like and trust people not perfection.

Having said that, keeping your tribe on their toes is also key. Most people try to hide their flaws and weaknesses, but actually, when you start embracing them, they become your strengths. Think what’s interesting or different about you, your life or your brand.

I think Dominique @allthatisshe creates amazing content.

creating shareable content - all that is she

Dominique’s content is unique, fresh and captivating.  Plus, she constantly thinks out of the box. Dominique’s been giving me great creative feels recently.



With that being said, just capturing a “real” authentic moment or talking about something that your audience still considers “taboo” creates vulnerable authenticity people love sharing.

creating shareable content - abbey gibb

Like this super vulnerable post about why I chose to cut my hair and all the other pieces I was cutting out of my life was the first post where I hit the 1,000 likes benchmark and it had more than 100 comments.



When you’re first starting out (and I totally did this too so  don’t sweat), a lot of people get sidetracked with posting content outside of their target audience and niche and that could be slowing down your growth.

So if you’re a health coach for example, plan your content so it’s 100% fully based around health related subjects (and not selfies with your cat). It’s really important to stay focused on your core audience when you’re growing.

Feel free to show more of your personality and other offerings as you grow.



When planning out your photoshoots a great time saving tip is to plan to shoot for an entire day so that you create multiple days worth of content. For example, on Monday you could decide to take photos, Wednesday  you write all your captions and then on Friday is video filming day.

Do whatever schedule works for you to help eliminate that pressure.

This helps me be really intentional with the type of content and messaging I want to share.



Having one consistent look really is key to helping your audience know about your brand and overall aesthetic. Like Rachel Hollis’ feed below you can see a mix in the type of media and also the type of shots.

A new viewer can make up their mind about your content in just 3 seconds, so if you want to leave a good first impression, building a consistent look and feel across all your photos will really help.

creating shareable content - msrachelhollis

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through Adobe Lightroom. It’s an awesome piece of software (and free mobile app) that allows you to use Lightroom presets on your photos.

creating shareable content - lightroom before after
Photo credit: Envira Gallery

Presets are one-click photo editing tools, often available in ‘packs’ that share similar tonal qualities or aesthetic looks, that can really help speed up your editing process. If you want to make your photos look more professional, and build a strong Instagram aesthetic, Lightroom presets can really help!


Tip #7: Get your friends involved!

 Alo Yoga  did a great recent campaign asking various influencers to post on their social pages about their personal yoga journey.

creating shareable content - alo yoga

As you can see, the campaign was easy and identifiable PLUS it creates instant buzz and engagement. You can see they also tagged others in their photo for greater exposure.

creating shareable content - alo yoga

What message/movement is related to your brand that you could easily duplicate this idea with?


Tip #8: Mix it up!

A 60 second multi-clip video or a GIF can all be great ways to engage and easy to make. This list explains it all with a short tutorial or demonstration.

Here’s an example from @stylelobster:

Or H&M:

BOTTOM LINE: In the end, experiment and have fun with this process! Your tribe will love you more for it!

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