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Create Facebook and Instagram Content People Actually Want

creating shareable content

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Madison Asarnow, Social Media Strategist, Business Nitrogen

Want to know the secret to content that gets shared over and over again? Viral videos aren’t as impossible as you think. Read on to discover how you can make your social content irresistibly sharable.

Create Shareable Content on Facebook and Instagram


“How do I create super shareable content Abs?”

“I would love my videos to go viral! But how?”

My answer? Ask yourself: am I worth following? Am I generating VALUE for my followers when they check in? Don’t worry about how many followers you have; instead ask: Am I creating content that resonates so much they have no alternative but to comment, share and soak in my content?

As Chris Tuff, The Millennial Whisperer, says: “Virality is just a byproduct of you striking a chord.”

You need to give value and make a connection with your audience.

And then you can use some of these proven warrior moves to really help your content become irresistible and viral.



One of the easiest ways to create engaging content is to add your own spin to an existing topic.

First, search for posts that have gone viral previously. You can use a service such as ViralFindr to find content by searching for hashtags or usernames. The best free way to see what’s currently resonating with people is to check the Instagram Explore Page and take advantage of their algorithm. You can see what’s trending and the type of content that is currently getting the most engagement.

After your search, think about whether there’s a video or a photo you could reproduce with your own spin. This isn’t copying. It’s adding your take to the social conversation.

Take the concept of the viral post you’ve chosen and recreate it with a personal twist.

Generally: Without fail, videos perform better on both platforms.


When growing your following, it all comes down to a quality mix of authenticity and creativity. This creates shareable, viral content for your brand. 

Remember: People know, trust, and like people not perfection! 

It’s still key to keep your followers on their toes though. Most of us try to hide our flaws and weaknesses. But, when we embrace them, they become our strengths. 

Think about what’s interesting and different about you, your life, and your brand. Remember we all have flaws and sharing some of yours can make you ultra relatable to your followers (especially if they share the same flaw) helping to build your connection with them.

Check out the amazing content Dominique creates at @allthatisshe.

creating shareable content - all that is she

Dominique’s content is unique, fresh, and captivating.  She also constantly thinks out of the box. I have been seriously vibing off Dominique’s creativeness recently. Her content isn’t about showing a perfect, polished self… it draws you in and makes you want to engage with her and her brand.



Simply capturing an authentic moment or talking about something that your audience may consider taboo will create vulnerable authenticity that people love to share.

madison jules instagram

Above is an Instagram post where I show how proud I am of myself for completing obstacles (literally in the race) and in my life. By being true to myself and sharing my vulnerability with my audience, I captured people’s attention and got lots of direct engagement through comments and direct messages.



When you are first starting out, tons of people (including myself) get sidetracked by posting content outside of their target audience and niche. This can be a huge block to your growth and prevent your content from being shared. No matter how good it is.

For example, if you are a health coach you should plan your content so it’s 100% based around health-related subjects that your audience wants to engage with. It’s extremely important to stay focused on your core audience when you’re growing.

Once you gain a larger following, you can definitely show more of your personality (selfies and cute cat pics, anyone?) and other offerings as you continue to grow!


A great time saving tip for planning your photoshoots is to batch shoot for an entire day. You can plan multiple days worth of content and shoot it all one one day so that you save time spent on set up, photo editing, caption writing, and scheduling.

An example schedule could look like taking photos on Monday, writing captions on Wednesday, and filming videos on Friday.

The important thing is to pick a schedule that works for you so you can eliminate the pressure of feeling like you need to shoot photos and create content constantly.

It will also help you to be more intentional with the specific content and messaging you want to share with your audience.



It’s key to have one consistent look across your brand to help your audience quickly grasp your aesthetic and what to expect from your brand. In Rachel Hollis’ feed below you can the type of shots and media are mixed.

You have 3 seconds before a new viewer makes up their mind about your content. So, striving to create a good first impression and building a consistent, cohesive look across all your photos will truly help to elevate your brand.

creating shareable content - msrachelhollis

An easy way to achieve this is by using the free mobile app/website: Adobe Lightroom. The software lets you to use Lightroom presets on your photos to keep your aesthetic across every picture.

creating shareable content - lightroom before after
Photo credit: Envira Gallery

Presets are one-click photo editing tools that speed up your editing process. They’re often available in packs which share similar tonal qualities or aesthetic looks. To make your pictures look more professional you want to build a strong Instagram aesthetic, and Lightroom presets make that easy!


Tip #7: Get your friends involved!

Alo Yoga recently did a wonderful campaign asking influencers to post on their social media about their personal yoga journey.

creating shareable content - alo yoga


The campaign was easy and identifiable and it created instant buzz and engagement. People who joined in also tagged others in their photo for greater exposure (another good tip).


creating shareable content - alo yoga


What messages/movements are related to YOUR brand that you could create a similar campaign around?

Tip: have a list of messages and movements directly related to your brand on hand. You can keep them in a document on your phone, your computer, or even a simple notebook.


Tip #8: SHAKE IT UP!

A 60 second multi-clip video or GIF are both amazing ways to engage and they’re easy to make. This list explains it all with a short tutorial and demonstration.

Here’s an example from @stylelobster:


And, check out this one from H&M:


BOTTOM LINE: All in all, have fun with the process and don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works! If you keep the idea of giving value at heart and always strive to create real connection with your followers then it won’t be long before they start sharing your content.

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