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June 3, 2019
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June 17, 2019

How to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

How to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

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How to Find Your Target Audience on Social MediaThere’s nothing worse than creating great content and hearing crickets. The very first step is to be crystal clear over  your ideal audience so you can start to build that TRIBE  of loyal fans turned customers.

In this article you’ll discover:

    • NINE key ways to find and connect with your target audience on social media
    • 3 rules to create meaningful engagement

This is a big juicy post that will IMMEDIATELY change your social game, so take notes and come back to it often as you grow your following.


#1: Identify Your Ideal Customer

Women who like Oprah, millennial entrepreneurs, working moms, dog owners are all some of the responses I typically get when I ask about the “ideal customer” but those answers just aren’t niche enough.

First identify your ideal avatar. This means you’ll want to create a fictional persona of your ideal customer, down to naming this person, what they do for fun, do they have kids, how much money do they make etc. The clearer your avatar is, the easier it is to find people on social media who resemble the persona.


#2 Match the Platform to the Person

 Which brings me back to the crickets we talked about in the beginning and then narrowing down the right platform for the right audience. This recent demographic research is a fantastic resource of exactly how varied and quickly changing these platforms are.


#3 Let’s start with the obvious Facebook…

 It’s still the most widely used social media platform, with more than 2 billion (yup, with a “B” people) logged in every month. And here’s the kicker… a full 30% of Facebook ad audience is aged 25 through 34 so this isn’t just for the “old folks.”

  • Video conversions have always and will always be stronger on this platform than just still pictures
  • People on Facebook are also looking for longer captions
  • They want at least one major takeaway or teachable moment in each post


#4 Twitter

According to Cision, 326 million people use Twitter every month. Younger Americans (18-25) are more likely than older Americans to be on Twitter.

That means when it comes to posts, DO NOT use this to promote an upcoming product/course launch. This is the place for a witty or deep insight. A simple quotable moment.

Feel free to screenshot your Twitter post and reuse it on FB/IG or IG Stories. Bite size sharable content is key here.


#5 Instagram

Not far behind on Facebook’s tail is Instagram with one billion active users a month. If you’re looking for brand collaboration or product launches look no further than this platform.

Interesting facts, according to Omnicore:


#6 Don’t be afraid to ask!

I could give you all the stats in the world but just plain old asking your audience is also key.

Using the poll feature on Facebook or Instagram would work. Maybe one burning question on Twitter like: What’s your favorite podcast? Or do it old school and send out an email.


#7 You actually already know your audience

Create a custom audience
Photo credit: Pro Republic

It’s important to note, Promo Republic reminds us, you can upload your email database to almost every social media platform to find your customers. Awesome, right?

I do it all the time for our clients at Business Nitrogen.

With Facebook Ads Manager you can create a custom “lookalike audience” that means Facebook can put you in front of more people who are like your current audience.


#8 Find Your Target Audience in Facebook Groups

Target Audience on Social Media

Photo credit: Pro Republic

Facebook groups are an easy way to start targeting ads, yes, but even better… see what major concerns your potential customers might have, the unanswered questions still left in the group, or common lingo they’re using. This is the NINJA way to find out more about your ideal Avatar.

Which nicely brings me to…


#9 Tailor Content for Your Target Audience

There are several rules for you to remember here:

RULE 1: Constant value

Does your page engage with its followers? They will not know, like and trust you if all you’re doing is pitching them like a used car salesman or not providing them with CONSTANT VALUE. Period.

Your optimal content plan should contain different types of social media posts according to what they prefer: are these funny videos, we have seen motivational quotes do well, or maybe selfies?

Your social media goal is to generate traffic, leads and sales from social, but never forget about the relationships you build there.

RULE 2: Ask Questions

If you’re asking yourself “Why aren’t they commenting on my posts?” you need to ask yourself whether you’re ASKING THEM QUESTIONS in your posts!

Instagram Stories is a GREAT way to do polls, fill-in questions and other engagement tools. People want to connect with people, not a brand. Asking them about their day/joys/struggles creates a stronger bond of know/like/trust.

Instagram Polls
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RULE 3: Motivate With Quotes

This comes back to re-using your Twitter posts or making simple and very clean quotes YOU SAID AND CREATED with a simple app like WordSwag. Remember, people need to know, like and trust YOU… not a former athlete or President so don’t quote other people.


BOTTOM LINE: Honesty is always the best policy. People want to connect to people, not perfection. No matter the audience, this will ALWAYS be my best piece of advice. Write about what you know! There’s no need to fake that you are someone that you’re not. If there’s something you don’t know, create a conversation around it.

What’s the one thing out of this article you’re going to implement today?

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