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July 22, 2019
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The New King and Queen: Micro Influencers

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Micro influencers are now the social media equivalent of movie stars. A certain group of people “tune in” daily and watch their every move.

The major difference? Micro influencers are just normal people with passions.

Which is great news for you and me because, hey, we’re normal people!

In this post we’ll talk about both:

  • Why you should work with micro influencers to massively grow your business
  • How you personally can become a micro influencer

What makes an micro influencer?

A micro influencer has:

  • between 2k and 50k followers
  • awesome engagement rates

I think Micro-influencers are so effective because they’re BELIEVABLE. They feel like the “girl next door” while also because they’re super niched down, have the credibility. Here’s one more thing: They’re more affordable to brands as well. So it’s really a win-win.

Why work with micro-influencers?

Like I mentioned above, they really hit the sweet spot between AUTHENTIC + AFFORDABLE.

I really love this graphic below put together by SocialPubli, a platform that connects brands and influencers.

Take a look… 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family over brand advertising.

And as an advertiser, what’s the best way you can get to the consumer then? (Besides trying to get Aunt Martha to promote you?)

Yup. You guessed it. Micro-influencers.

Bigger isn’t better

Here’s a double edge sword: studies show as follower rates go up… engagement rates go down. That’s why there’s a sweet spot of around 10-50k followers you want to look for in strategic partnerships.

This also means though, if you’re looking to become an “influencer”… hitting that magic 10k is A LOT more attainable than, let’s say, 50 or 100k… and will all happen a lot sooner.

It’s really all about that magic thing we talk about called CONNECTION. Does your audience feel like you understand them? Now THAT is literally where the money is. They already know and like you and now, they’ll trust you enough to buy.

Or, flip side…
If you’re a brand looking for a partnership with a micro-influencer… look at their ENGAGEMENT with their audience.

Not just likes and basic comments, but are they engaging in a meaningful way in the comments?

Are they creating daily engaging stories?

Again, I gotta give it to SocialPubli for making this great info graphic that took the words right out of my mouth.

So now…let’s talk money honey

So like…what’s the going rate on the street??

In my personal experience, across all platforms it’s about $500 per post. Although when I was first starting out it was mostly just free products or services like this hotel stay I got for a female leadership event I hosted.

But it was a win-win because I got a free stay for an event I was hosting and the hotel is supporting women in business and getting free publicity about it.

Think about this: for the same rate to hire a macro-influencer (100k+ followers) you could have four micro-influencers promoting you in an authentic way.

So how do you find or become a micro influencer?

David talks a lot more about strategic alliances in this post where you’ll learn:

  • The 3 key tips to make yourself irresistible to potential collaborators
  • Exact steps to be discovered by your favorite influencers and brands in your niche
  • How one client used a proven strategy to get an on camera interview with Gary Vee
  • The 3 best types of strategic alliances

So now you’ve got a few thousand followers and want to take it to the next level? Read on.

Like we talked about…AUTHENTIC CONNECTION is everything in this game. Remember:

people relate to people, not perfection.

So what’s the first step?

You’ll need a media kit

Having a media kit is essential. It takes away a lot of unanswered questions and it shows that you take the partnership seriously.

Don’t stress. It’s like that old resume you used to carry around in college looking for internships… only now it’s way prettier and makes you serious moolah. Influencer Marketing Hub (another great resource for you btw) has the media kit outlined to a T.

On the same note, you gotta know your analytics ahead of time. TRANSPARENCY IS PARAMOUNT. Use Goggle Analytics and Instagram Insights to keep tabs on your progress and your exact demo.

A few last business tips to have when making your first connection:

  • Create an invoice template
  • Have a spreadsheet set up
  • Create a PayPal account, that’s how most brands will pay you

BOTTOM LINE: Trust is everything. When brands invest in influencers who their tribe then trusts, it can be a win-win situation. Micro-influencers are effective because they hit the sweet spot between AUTHENTIC + AFFORDABLE.

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