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July 22, 2019
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The New King and Queen: The Micro-Influencers

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Micro-influencers are now considered the social media version of reality show celebs. There are groups of people who tune in daily to see what they’re up to.

But they have a major difference from celebs: Micro-influencers are normal people (just like us) with passions that spread on social media.

Here, we’ll talk about both:

  • How and why you can work with micro-influencers to hugely grow your business
  • How you can become a micro-influencer

Micro-influencer checkpoints:

A micro-influencer has:

  • between 2k and 50k followers
  • awesome engagement rates

I believe that Micro-influencers are so effective because they’re BELIEVABLE and relatable. They seem like the girl next door.

Micro-influencers also have the credibility (the number of followers and engagement proves that credibility).

And, one of the best things about them is that they’re more affordable for brands to collab with. It’s really a win-win on both sides.

Why work with Micro-Influencers?

AUTHENTICITY + AFFORDABILITY! No need to break the bank trying to collaborate with an influencer and you benefit from the trust they have built with their audience.

The graphic below by SocialPubli, a platform that connects brands and influencers, is a great overview.

Look at this stat: 83% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over brand advertising.

So, as an advertiser, what’s the best way to reach your consumers? (Besides reaching out to Aunt Linda for a promotion)!

Yeah. You guessed it. Micro-influencers!!

Bigger isn’t always better

Here’s a double edge sword: studies show engagement rates go down as follower rates go up. Micro-influencers hit that sweet spot of around 10-50k followers, and you’ll want to look into STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS   with them.

If you’re looking to become a micro-influencer… reaching 10k followers is MUCH more attainable than 50 or 100k… and can be accomplished much faster.

Having that CONNECTION with your followers will speed up the process. If your audience feels like you understand them, then THAT’S literally where the money is. Your followers will know and like you and now, they’ll trust you enough to become customers.

Or… the flip side…

If you’re the brand looking for partnerships with a micro-influencers… take a look at their ENGAGEMENT with their audience.

Are the influencers being intentional in their engagement with their audience? Or do they just having generic likes and comments.

Are the influencers producing engaging stories on the reg?

Once again, I gotta hand it to SocialPubli for making this awesome infographic that read my mind on how people feel about engagement.

Now…let’s talk money honey

I bet you’re wondering what’s the going rate for micro-influencers?

Word on the street from influencers across all platforms is that it’s about $500 per post. Although, when influencers first start out they’ll mostly just receive free products or services in exchange for a story or post that tags the brand.

For example, these posts below from a few micro-influencers and brand reps for my jewelry business, Madison’s Jewels. I sent these ladies jewelry for free, and in return they posted themselves wearing my jewelry!

It’s a win-win for both of us, because my brand gets free publicity, and these micro-influencers get (super cute, might I add) free jewelry!

Think about it this way: to hire a macro-influencer (100k+ followers) for, let’s say, $2,000 a post, you could have four micro-influencers promoting you in a genuine way.

So how do you find or become a micro influencer?

Maddie talks in-depth about strategic alliances in this post where you will learn:

  1. The 3 key tips that make you irresistible to potential collaborators
  2. A step by step guide to getting discovered by your favorite influencers as well as brands in your niche
  3. How one client of ours used a proven strategy that landed them an on camera interview with Gary Vee
  4. The 3 best kinds of strategic alliances

So, you have a few thousand followers and want to take it to the next level?! Read on:

Like I mentioned… AUTHENTIC CONNECTION is key. Remember: people relate to people, not perfection.

Here’s the first step:

You’ll need a media kit

It is essential to have a media kit. It will take away any unanswered questions, and show that you take the partnership seriously.

Don’t stress about this. Think of it like the old resume you used to keep with you when you were looking for internships… except now it’s way more aesthetically pleasing and can make you some real money! Influencer Marketing Hub (a wonderful source) has the media kit outlined to a T.

Another important thing to note is that you need to keep tabs on your analytics ahead of time. TRANSPARENCY IS FUNDAMENTAL.  Use Google Analytics and Instagram Insights to keep up with your progress and your exact audience demo.

Some final business tips for making your first connection:

  • Create a template invoice to have ready
  • Have a spreadsheet set up for everything you could need
  • Have a PayPal account – most brands will pay you this way

BOTTOM LINE: Trust is of the utmost importance. When a brand invests in influencers that their audience then trusts, it can be a win-win situation for everyone. Micro-influencers are so powerful because they can prove to be AUTHENTIC + AFFORDABLE.

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