Essential AND Attainable for every Entrepreneur

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Essential AND Attainable for every Entrepreneur

Innovation is essential in any business…It’s a key component to differentiating yourself from your competition, and giving you a unique competitive advantage. 

Striving to be new, better, and different allows your company to stay relevant and service your clients even better. 

Innovation also helps to distinguish between the leaders and the followers

It helps you achieve optimal market advantages and uncover new opportunities. 

Innovation also leads to change. 

Which in turn causes angst and resistance among many business stakeholders and/or team members. 

When I sense someone fears change, I simply reposition what innovation really means…


Essential AND Attainable for every Entrepreneur | Infinite Business | Business Nitrogen | ClickFunnels | SEO


Continual improvement. 

When you think about it this way, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, does it? 

What business owner doesn’t have at least one thing they’d like to improve in their business?

I don’t know one who doesn’t. 

No matter how big or small it is… Always remember that the smallest hinges can swing the biggest doors. 

The truth is, it really takes VERY LITTLE effort (on a consistent basis) to improve significantly over time. 

If you just improve one percent every day, over time that progress compounds (just like money-earning interest). 

Here’s the only trick to this simple formula…

It’s only the ones who are committed to those small percentages each day that achieve the big results at the end. 

One of the best ways to ignite changes you’d like to see in your business is by collaborating with your team

Trust me, they know more about improvements that could and probably should be made in your business more than almost anyone else would. 

Keep in mind, your team is also pivotal in realistically achieving any kind of innovation in your business. 

These are the people who are going to make it happen. 

So RENEW your vision and rally your team! Share your vision and purpose with them. 

Convey the deep passion you feel for that purpose. 

Many don’t know this, but passion is a HUGE driving force that will inspire your team to make your vision and purpose a reality…To make those small strides toward continual improvement. 

Having a purpose is vital, however without knowing the direction you want to head, you could be driving that purpose in circles.  Because of this, it’s important to think of your company’s purpose as the compass, (always guiding your company in the right direction), and think of passion as the powerful and compelling force that gets you there.  

Those who become passionate about your shared purpose will contribute the most to your company’s success. 

Passionate team members take initiative and constantly strive to improve their performance and the company as a whole. 

These are the people who speak up and share their ideas and create new resources or ways of doing things.

When they feel they’re making a difference with their work, they become emotionally engaged in the outcome.

This is how they become a part of your mission.    

Acknowledge those that show their passion, give them opportunities to improve their knowledge, skills, and performance, capitalize on the fact that passionate team members often inspire their peers to step up their game too.

You can’t create passion in a team member, but you sure can nurture it.

Next, is your company ready to handle changes and innovation? 

Many times companies will integrate new products, services, processes, or systems before ensuring they have the proper infrastructure set up to successfully support it on all levels. 

Here are 5 elements to consider:  

  • Clear Intentions
    Are goals and objectives clear to everyone involved? Have all steps been thought through and layed out?
  • Innovation Sphere
    What is the desired result? Where do we want this to position us in the marketplace? What becomes our unique competitive advantage?
  • Success Measurement
    What will we measure to track success milestones? How will we know if we are on the right track?
  • Infrastructure Strength Test
    Are all the necessary processes, systems, and people in place to successfully support the objectives and initiatives from start to finish?
  • Culture and Talent
    Is this aligned with our culture, and will it attract more of the “right” talent?

I’d love to hear an improvement you’ve made that really made a remarkable difference in your company. No matter how big or small…a win is a win! I’m always curious to hear new and better ways of doing something. Simply hit reply.  

To your success, 



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