If I had $1 every time a client thought they needed this…

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If I had $1 every time a client thought they needed this…

When it comes to your current strategy, are you building assets OR are you jumping from offer to offer & promotion to promotion

If I had a dollar for every time a client came to us thinking they needed a new marketing funnel 🙂

After doing a deep dive in their business (part of our process at Business Nitrogen to really understand our client’s ultimate desired result), we uncover what they really NEED to move their business forward. 

9 times out of 10 it’s not a new funnel and all the automation that goes along with it. 


If I had $1 every time a client thought they needed this… | Infinite Business | Business Nitrogen | ClickFunnels | SEO


This exact scenario reminds me of a quote by Henry Ford that couldn’t hold more true, “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.”

It’s the same for us as Entrepreneurs. We are blinded to what it is we really NEED.  So often, we are way too close to our own businesses to see the 30,000 foot view of what it’s really going to take to get to the next level. 

This applies to almost anything in our lives…When you are too close to it, it’s almost impossible to see anything beyond it (long-term view). 

Now… What does my question about building assets vs. jumping from one sales promotion to another have to do with any of that? 

Answer: Everything. 

When I asked you that question, it was to get your mind thinking about your business in the LONG-TERM vs. the SHORT-TERM. 

Jumping from promotion to promotion = Short-Term 

Building assets and value creation = Long-Term

If you want to build an Infinite Business, the only way you’ll succeed is by thinking and acting in the LONG-TERM. 

Ask yourself this question to easily shift from thinking short-term to long-term: 

If you knew your business was the last business you would ever build and it needed to last for generations to come, what would you do differently than you are today?

Now let’s say your business survives on monthly sales promotions. 

Black Friday promotions, Christmas specials, Get it while you can!, etc.

Don’t get me wrong…There’s nothing wrong with sales promotions.  This strategy does work. Just be careful that you are not training your clients and prospects to sit and wait for the next or better promotion… 

Another popular strategy is the “kitchen sink close.” Late night infomercials coined this strategy decades ago…

“You’ll get everything here worth $10,000 for only $397 plus, you’ll get XYZ as a special bonus if you order within the next 60 minutes.” 

Again, both work, yes. However both also result in an inconsistency of revenue, and lack of sustainability

Which will only serve you in the SHORT-TERM (not the LONG-TERM)

Conversely, when you build assets, you lead with value

Leading with value means doing what you can to add value to someone’s life before money ever exchanges hands. 

Leading with value results in consistency and predictability, and indirectly creates a BIGGER impact

Value creators (value assets) build trust and rapport with your audience. They are the stepping stones to building relationships with your clients. 

Value creators immediately exceed expectations, and they also serve to disqualify anyone who is NOT your ideal client. 

Leading with value allows you to also give your ideal clients a result in advance…Making it easier to tie a high-ticket item to what comes next if they decide they want to continue working with you.  

Remember, it takes as much effort to sell something for $100 as much as $500 or even $5000. Think of how much an easier “sell” it will be if you’ve already produced a result for them and a good rapport has already been established…  

The other great thing about building assets is they can be used over and over again. Potentially months, years, even decades. They can be leveraged in multiple ways. 

So instead of thinking “what can we sell today” (SHORT-TERM), shift your mindset to now be thinking about what impact can you create over the next few decades (LONG-TERM). 

When you achieve consistency and predictability in revenue and sales, you elevate your business to the next level. 

With every level you reach, you scale higher and higher. 

If you’re stuck and can’t see the bigger picture of what you really need to get to the next level, as always, simply reply and we can set a time to brainstorm on how we can help you get there.   

To your success,



Business Nitrogen



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