Nine Best Youtube Growth Tips

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Best Youtube Growth Tips

Let’s jump right into it… The most important thing for your YouTube videos is the percent of the video that people watch! This is even more important than actual views that the video gets!

The good news?

People specifically come to YouTube with the intent to watch for a while.

So let’s give them a reason to watch our whole videos and to keep them coming back for more.

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. The goal for YouTube is for you to expand your views quickly and to make quality connections with your audience that will turn them into customers.

Check out these NINE tips to make that happen…


Who exactly are you talking to? Do you know their pain points and what’s impeding their success?

If they were to google “How to…” what would they be searching for? THIS is what your videos should be about! Like mentioned above, YouTube is the second largest search engine. So, if you can cover what they are searching for, BOOM, you will have viewers.


Are you not exactly sure what to say? Feel like it’s all been said before?

A prime tip is to go to other channels in the same field as you. Begin by looking at the comments in those people’s channels and videos.

You may be surprised at the plethora of unanswered questions there are.  Now you can base your content off of what other people are asking!


You have just 5 seconds to make them stay, watch and subscribe. What does this mean?

  1. Create a “best of highlight reel” in the beginning of each video. This lets them know what to expect when watching your content.
  2. Design playlists where your most popular uploads pop up first.
  3. Create a trailer for the beginning of your video that shows what your channel is about and the benefits to the audience. The most popular YouTubers have this, and it differentiates them and attracts more viewers.

youtube tips


The percentage of your total video that viewers watch is the most important, even more important than the actual views!

Erick Brownstein of Shareability says, “YouTube is particularly valuable for the long haul because content lives there forever and is easily searchable”

The most important component here?

  1. Having a highlight reel at the beginning
  2. Produce a “moment” a minute that makes them stick around
  3. Don’t make long videos just for the sake of it — value > length of your video


Brownstein says that people tend to discover content in 3 ways:

  1. Your videos are being shared making your content go viral
  2. By searching your name / keywords / similar videos to yours
  3. Through other people’s content i.e. collaborations

Collaborations are an awesome way for quick organic growth! Sharing audiences isn’t a new concept– it’s been executed for years – and it truly works. There’s a high chance that your collaborators’ biggest fans will subscribe to everyone in the collab group.


Your Target 25,  applies to YouTube as well.

Your Target 25 is a list of 25 influencers/brands you’d most like to get next to. These 25 people/companies share your values, and stand to help you communicate those values – in a number of ways – to your prospects and customers.

Creating strategic alliances with your Target 25 (even if it’s #24 and #25 to start) is key for turning your follower count into overdrive.

In addition, commenting on those Target 25 people’s videos daily as well as entering into meaningful conversations is so important!

strategic alliances


“If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life” – said by everyone! Don’t make a video just because you think you “should.” Creating content that you are passionate about will transfer in your emotions. Your followers will engage with you because of it.

At the same time, you need to be knowledgeable on what you talk about–BS can be picked up RIGHT AWAY!!

Sunny Lenarduzzi believes the #1 thing every successful YouTuber has is a strong point of view, that’s clear and consistent along with stellar content. Changing topics too often can confuse your audience and lose their focus.


You must follow basic content patterns and trends. Check out what’s working for others in your field. Then, put your own spin and expertise in your own space.

This will naturally generate LONGER percentage watch times– long term viewers are so important!

think outside the box


  • On YouTube, you need minimum 20k subscribers for algorithms to respond- 50k to make money and 100k to have brands pay attention.
  • YouTube {for now} favors content with a higher % of watch time, rather than view numbers
  • YouTube is the most difficult to achieve rapid growth out of other platforms.
  • Be consistent, clear, and push out content weekly.
  • Collaboration is ESSENTIAL to rapid growth on YouTube
  • If you have 10K followers or more, you can film at the YouTube Studios headquarters one day a month for FREE!!

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