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The Internet has changed everything!  Today Press Releases, which were initially only created for PR specialists to send to the newswires for reporter’s eyes, are now proliferating the Internet with the ability to be read by everyone.  Today Press Releases are no longer just words; you can include your website, photos, and the keywords that they will be focusing on.  Press Releases combined with Search Engine Optimization are a very effective tool.

Press releases are not designed to just to get you found by Oprah and her HARPO productions; they are another avenue for regular consumers to learn more about your company or brand.  Because Google crawls all of the major Press release services, it is important to make sure that your press prelease content is properly optimized for keywords so that it can show up in the search engine listings and bring you valuable website traffic.

Press Releases are not for Google and Reporters; today Internet bloggers are searching the web and reviewing press releases to glean interesting content for their websites.  At Business Oxygen, we offer professional Press Release writing and dissemination.  Create and publish a press release the right way and you will earn the right to get a highly targeted customer and a link to boot.

Press releases have the capability of starting viral Internet frenzy, as once your news is picked up by one agency, it is not uncommon for other news outlets to pick up the same articles.  Another great thing about a well written press release is that it helps add credence and credibility to your business.

Google and Bing love new relevant website content.  High quality content gives readers an opportunity to learn about your business, product, service, concept and/or idea.  When they like what they read, they will see that you may be the solution to something they desire.

It is important to provide the search engines information that they utilize to base their rankings on.  Search engines base their search engine algorithms on valuable content.

At Business Oxygen, we have a professional team of writers who are based in the United States, with Master’s degrees and other advanced training.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a cost-effective marketing method that enables you to connect with your ideal client on a very personal level and provides a good marketing return on investment (MROI) for your business.

The power of the Internet has created more ways for your business to communicate with your audience than ever before.  When you use Social Media Marketing combined with effective Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” and achieve a top ranking, you have an opportunity to get your website to the top of Google or Bing… which enables you to have an audience for your products and/or services.

While search engine optimization continues to be important because of all of Google and Bing’s continuous search engine algorithm updates, it is important to have an effective social media and local search marketing plan as part of your business growth and marketing mix as well.  This will create faster search engine ranking results.

While Google and Bing are constantly making changes to their search engine algorithm with the intent of providing a more relevant search experience for their viewers, many high quality sites that provide valuable content are getting caught in the cross-hairs – and not being ranked or losing their top rankings because they are not providing the content or relevance that the search engines are seeking.  While we must commend the search engines (since relevant search is the ultimate goal), unfortunately many deserving websites never make it to the top of the search engines.

The challenge for business owners is that there are only ten (10) organic (non-paid) search spaces on the front page of Google and Bing.  With hundreds of thousands of websites vying for this valuable on-line real estate, it is obvious why organic search engine optimization has become more competitive than ever.

If one thing is guaranteed in the world of search engine marketing, it is continuous updates and changes.  Because of all of these search engine changes, it is important to have the right search engine optimization team in your corner to help you get ranked and stay there.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are two additional methods that you can utilize to effectively optimize your businesses online exposure so that you can more effectively connect with your clients, customers and patients in the way they are viewing information on-line.

It is important that the company you utilize to help get your company ranked utilize todays best practices, supported with research and statistics.  Based upon this research, a customized Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan that includes Social Media Optimization is a significant way for businesses to connect with potential clients, grow their business and climb in the Search Engine Rankings.

When your clients search for you, do they find a bad review from someone trying to ruin your business reputation? With the Internet like it is and 80% conducting searches online, you might as well print the bad review on a t-shirt and use it in your marketing.

Don’t let one person’s opinion drown out your other overwhelmingly positive client experiences. Let us put the loudmouth in their place and get it off page one. Is your online reputation where it should be?

As an Atlanta reputation management company we realize that people who shop locally search locally, and many people post reviews on website like Google+ Local, Yelp, Twitter and Facebook comments.  If you are doing a great job and the reviews are amazing this is GREAT!  However, if your reviews are negative, having Business Oxygen as your Atlanta based reputation management company in your corner can be very valuable.

Are you interacting on your customer comments both positive and negative?  Are you monitoring what others have to say about you and your business?  Today local shopper want to see the positives, however they know you are not perfect, so they want to see what you are doing when someone is not happy and they see this through positive interaction.

Ok we get it, you are not a large business that operates on a global scale yet, and however today with the launch of Google’s Venice update all searches have become primarily local.  Think about this, you start to type your search terms into Google’s search bar and it starts to auto-complete.  Then when your listings appear, you see a couple national search listings, followed by a bunch of local listings and a map showing their locations.

Today local search needs to be part of local Internet marketing strategy.  As a national search engine marketing company based in Atlanta, we absolutely realize the importance of local search.  If you are primarily a local business, we do not focus on search marketing efforts that are outside your primary marketing area.  Focusing on where you and your clients are located is much more powerful.

With the Venice update, Google started showing local listings at the top of the search results, and Bing started to follow.  Google has taken this one step further and has Google+ Local to help you have your own small business listing focusing on your market area.  We are a top Atlanta SEO company.  Yes, based in Atlanta Georgia, however we currently have representatives in Ogden, Utah, Raleigh, NC and Fort Lee, NJ not to mention West Palm Beach, Florida.  We include local keywords on our website, and we will do so with you too.

Don’t worry, Business Oxygen will take care of all of the details for you, including setting up your Google Plus Business Page, Bing Local and Yahoo Local pages.  So what’s next?  Increased online brand awareness.  We achieve this through getting you well over 200 Internet directory listings, association listings and indexes.

People care what others have to say about you and your business so we put a heavy focus on reviews and business testimonials enabling you to have the most influence possible when others find you.

One of the great advantages of effective Search Engine Optimization is instead of spending countless dollars on ineffective advertising and marketing, potential clients are compelled to come to you.  After all, over 80% of all offline purchases begin with an online search, so today you have to do whatever it takes to be found online.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost effective ways to increase your chances of being found.

As the best SEO company in Atlanta we implement an effective 9-stage plan of action to make sure your website and its individual pages are able to be found if people are searching for the keywords that describe your company, products, services or industry.

Business Oxygen does not stop with traditional SEO, we make sure that social media is part of our comprehensive search marketing plan.  We utilize blogs to disseminate your valuable content and make sure that it links back to your website, not to mention disseminating your news through the use of press releases (PR), which today are some of the most valuable properties and highly valuable quality website backlinks.

A Ferrari may look great on the outside, however if the engine was in a flood it may not start or if it does, it most likely will not run well.  The same thing happens on a website and it is based upon using HTML code that is clean and well-structured.  When Google search engine spiders crawl your website, it picks up broken links, and sloppy code which may hurt your website in becoming highly ranked.  Today more than ever it is important to have a well-structured SEO-friendly website so that you will have the capability to become highly ranked in the search engines.


Business Oxygen knows SEO because our SEO team played the cat and mouse game with Google when they first were developing their search algorithms. Many of the search systems they created were based off systems and processes our SEO team created.

We started reverse engineering Google back in 2000. At that time it took our search team 2.5 years to uncover the Top 311 processes that matter the most to Google. SEO is math. Business Oxygen does not guess or play cowboy in the Wild West; we measure, test and formulate a distinct plan for each of our clients. Imagine what it would be like if you really could dominate the top of the Google ranking for your chosen keywords? We know what it is like because we do this! What competition?


Just like the a-b-c’s become second nature as we get older, dominating Google search and Search Engine Optimization has become simple math to the Business Oxygen Search Engine Optimization team.

At Google, it is not people reading all of the content and making decisions, it is computers who are basing their decisions on complex mathematical equations. Because of this, SEO is purely set of mathematical equations and our 311 finely tuned formulas have continuously produced top search engine results for Business Oxygen’s search team and our clients for over 7 years.

The great thing about Business Oxygen’s systems is that they are flexible to adjust and with computer intelligence can re-learn what changes Google is making as they are making them. We read what Google does and reverse engineer what your webpage needs to become top ranked. If you are ready to have your website as a top ranked listing, let us know.


White Hat SEO is a term that comes from the times of the Wild West. The good guys wore white hats, and SEO that is looked upon as above board, clean and organic, is called White Hat SEO today.

We utilize white hat SEO because it allows the results that we create, the opportunity to stand the test of time.


We know that what works in SEO today will adjust tomorrow.  Today as the Internet continues to advance, there continues to be more web marketing options to capitalize on. Once thing is for sure, the ability to continue to drive targeted traffic on-line will be here for many more years. One advent is the recent addition of local Search Engine Marketing. Today, Google and Bing place a strong emphasis on local businesses and mobile web marketing, and this will continue for many years.



When you look at the dollars that you invest in your business, SEO has the potential to be the most cost effective form of marketing available. With PPC (Pay-Per-Click), you are paying for each person who views your advertisement in a cost per thousand-view scenario, or per each actual click. According to industry data, effective SEO costs as little as $0.12 cents for a customer click versus an average of one dollar for traditional PPC Marketing. SEO is nearly 1/10th the cost of PPC over the long-term! What would happen if you effectively saw a 10x increase in your lead volume and sales? When you look at the data, integrating SEO into you long-term marketing is just good business.


Many people believe that it is just too darn competitive to get their keywords ranked. At Business Oxygen, our Search Marketing Engineers have ranked some very competitive keywords. Using organic white hat methods, we have beat the competition hands down! To say that we are confident in our ability to get you ranked is an understatement, as the Business Oxygen Search Marketing Team has not met a keyword that we have not been able to get on the first page. Contact us for your free information on how you can get a top ranking!