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December 14, 2016
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Get Your Head in the Game
May 16, 2019

7 Ways LinkedIn Will Help Your Business

linkedin for business

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linkedin for business

7 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is way different from the more popular social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or even Twitter. It has found its own niche, all its own as a business tool, and particularly for small to mid-sized companies who want to network and reach their intended market. Now you might be wondering:

How do I use this tool, specifically to promote my business?

LinkedIn has seemingly unlimited possibilities. (Read our tips on using LinkedIn to increase your SEO Value.) So we are going to break down seven strategies that can help you succeed. You can also read this article from LinkedIn on how to improve your LinkedIn profile.


Valuable Connections

The ultimate goal of LinkedIn, like many social networking sites, is to connect people. Moreover, LinkedIn allows entrepreneurs to network their business with new leads or new business associates that can help them. While using LinkedIn, entrepreneurs may find only a few friends and associates based on name association.

Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of LinkedIn Groups to connect with people in their target niche industry or locations. There is also LinkedIn’s Advanced Search option which targets a particular niche to find individuals and businesses of interest using a keyword.


Grow Your Authority by Showcasing Your Knowledge

Advertising one’s own name using by responding to submitted simple inquiries is a great way to generate brand awareness. Likewise, it also gets a keen insight into the mind of potential clients and customers.

A few years ago, a convenient way to prove an entrepreneur’s authority was through posting articles in online directories. Unexpectedly, VIPs in the SEO industry recognized that the lack of engagement between writers and readers was less than impressive.

People are less inclined to trust individuals who recite speeches than somebody who takes unscripted questions and answer them confidently. The ability to communicate shows potential clients, leads, and associates that one knows the industry. LinkedIn also showcases one’s knowledge of the industry by connecting and interacting with the public objectively in a neutral way.

Additionally, LinkedIn also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to repeat one’s name and brand publicly without the fear of link spamming. Though, remember to avoid just talking about one’s opinion repeatedly. Instead, quote reliable sources and include one’s expertise and opinion. Leave responses open-ended to encourage more conversations and interactions, which perhaps lead to more connections.


Get Endorsements on LinkedIn

A recent study shows that positive reviews and recommendations from sites like Angie’s List, Google+, and Yelp affect consumer decisions. The study revealed that reviews sites sway consumer decisions almost 90% of the time.

Using LinkedIn, entrepreneurs can come by positive endorsements far easier. Connections on LinkedIn can put in a good word in even without writing any review or recommendation.

These kind of endorsements are similar to online reviews for small businesses. Entrepreneurs can use endorsements to raise up their business and brand’s reputation. Also, endorsements usually lead to positives reviews and recommendations, which we will discuss below.


Get Recommended and Build Authority

In SEO and Online Marketing the saying: “let someone else say it rather than saying it yourself” bears greater weight. Believe it or not, seemingly objective endorsements through word of mouth can easily persuade the public to support a brand.

Having some positive reviews and recommendations allows potential customers that the products or services provided show promise. It also proves that your business and brand is exceptional enough, that people are recommending it to everybody else.

Making LinkedIn recommendations as valuable as referrals, meaning acquiring a massive number of LinkedIn recommendations is like hitting the jackpot. Also, since LinkedIn made recommendations that appear on established profiles secure, faking recommendations is next to impossible.


Keep People Up to Date and Host an Event

Build awareness for your brand by hosting an event via LinkedIn. Hosting events through LinkedIn also generates additional leads and attracts potential customers. Besides, it creates a buzz that your brand can utilize since events usually advertised to the established network.

LinkedIn’s Event Platform is user-friendly and seamlessly help “promote the event” by asking questions about the event’s purposes and subject. Not to mention the online RSVP helps in reaching specific target participants, and announcements also show up on their page.

LinkedIn also has an Events Search tool, which lets users locate events based on mutual interests, geographical locations, and industry. The sheer flexibility of this online tool ultimately resulted in many real connections and engagements created. Since the limitations of traditional in-person events no longer exists. Now people can organize workshops, virtual webinars, phone conferences, round-table discussions and more. One ideal strategy nowadays is to hold regular monthly events, online or otherwise, and build visibility with one’s loyal audience. In addition to this, attracting new members is easier as well. People can hear about the event from LinkedIn announcements from friends of friends.

Bonus = Other helpful pointers you can try out:
  • Create a logo for your brand that will make it stand out. Create it using a simple and probably free software.
  • Come up with a clever title to capture the attention of the target audience. If it is clever enough, it might end up shared on more social media sites than just LinkedIn.
  • Make sure always to finish with a call to action. Many remember this golden rule in writing articles but seem to forget it in social media. If you do not tell the audience what to do at the end, they usually end up do anything. Make sure to always include a strong call to action after promoting each activity or event.
    Include keywords that define your brand and purpose for the event.
  • Promote your event in groups, preferably the most relevant groups to the theme of the event. It is not glaring advertising if you are providing value to it.
  • Post about the activity or event on your status messages. Always bear in mind that an active profile page depicts a busy company. Tying in current and future business events with the status messages ideally create anticipation and expectation for the said event.

Like most social networking platforms, the ability to communicate candidly and openly and is a different way you address issues. LinkedIn also provides a fantastic support to potential customers, so use it wisely.


Use Sponsored Updates

Fearful of coming across as too forward or too pushy? Then using LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates reaching one’s target audience can generate greater lead increase compared to other social media strategies. Just recently, HubSpot collaborated with LinkedIn which resulted in a whopping increase of 400% lead generation with their targeted audience.


Reach Out and Make the Personal Connections

Because LinkedIn is professional, compared to Facebook’s informal atmosphere, people tend to be suspicious when individuals add them without explanation. Be proactive. Send personal messages to people before or while adding them. Doing things this way allows an opportunity to build connections on a deeply personal level.

This kind of connection is something many business brands miss in today’s overly optimized and online market environment.
Discovering areas of interest that both senders and recipients have in common is the best method to approach these messages. Once finding common areas of interest, write to them personally, but not as a form of a business letter.

Include the main reason behind reaching out to them, and create a proper and meaningful message introducing oneself.
Tech titan HP recently utilized LinkedIn services for greater emotional engagement with its social media audience. This move resulted to a reported 300,000 new unique followers within two months.

This step led to a reported 300,000 new unique followers within two months and an increased attrition and engagement rate. It even provided a 2.5 increase in customers who refer the company’s products to friends, family, and acquaintances.
One of the biggest mistakes people commit while using LinkedIn or other social sites is lazily waiting while generating traffic.

If somebody searches a particular brand, that is a potential lead which would not easily dismiss messages from the brand’s owner. LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” option received a massive 76% of respondents’ votes for the best feature of the site.

As you can see, using LinkedIn provides business owners numerous benefits. However, all the perks will only be accessible if you are willing to use LinkedIn’s variety of tools and features. Actively and consistently LinkedIn’s tools and features and just avoid posting blindly and only visiting once every month.

However, using LinkedIn does not mean that wastefully spending hours at a time taking up your entire day. Most people could not last spending several hours a day on social networking websites, right? Err… No offense, Facebook enthusiasts.

Maximize all efforts by dividing out the time spent on LinkedIn. Try to log in daily, or at the very least, a couple of times a week. This way you can keep your online presence consistent, your name recognized, and your brand promoted.

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