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January 29, 2015
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Legal Search Marketing SEO

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Get Found with Legal Search Marketing SEO

It Takes Great Legal & Attorney Marketing For A Lawyer To Rank At The Top Of Google and Bing

With great legal marketing strategies, attorneys can attract and convert more clients for their legal practice on the Internet!

It appears that the Internet landscape is changing on a weekly basis these days.  Legal marketing search engine optimization  “SEO” strategies that got you to the top of Google and Bing in the past may put you in the proverbial “sand box” today.  It is important to be on the front page of a search engine because the difference in traffic and conversion for a top ranked legal and attorney website and one ranked on page three could mean hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in profits for your practice.

So what is an attorney to do today in order to rise in the rankings of the most popular search engines of the day, Google and Bing?

First, you must understand search engine optimization “SEO” and the Internet marketing landscape as it applies to attorneys.

Many local and national legal firms believe that getting ranked on the Internet is more challenging today due to all of the recent updates on Bing and Google.  However if you have the right local search-marketing firm that specializes in legal and attorney marketing and search engine optimization in your corner you will do just fine.

There are five specific things that you want to know in order to raise your status to the top of the search engines:

1. Search Engine Optimization Strategies “SEO” Are Always Evolving

Bing and Google are continuously adjusting their search engine algorithms with the goal of providing the reader a more relevant search result.  What an legal marketing search firm did in the past to get your website ranked on the Internet will most likely not work tomorrow.  In the world of search engine optimization, there is not a standard of set it once and let it run.

You either need to spend countless hours staying educated or hire a local search marketing firm that spends their time understanding all of the current changes on the legal search marketing and SEO landscape so that you do not have to.

The search engine algorithms are continuously changing for Bing and Google.  It is imperative to make sure you, or your search engine optimization firm is doing everything the “white hat” way so that you not only get to the top of the search engine rankings, but you stay there.

2. Search Engine Optimization and Legal Marketing is not the place to try and play legal marketing games.

There are “white hat” or (pardon the pun), “legal methods” to get your site ranked at the top of the search engines in the eyes of Google and Bing, along with “Grey Hat” and “Black Hat” methods.

If you or your local Internet search marketing firm play grey or black hat games, it is only a matter of time before Google detects “non-approved” methods and puts you and your business into the penalty box. Once you land in the penalty box, the chances of actually getting back to where you were ranked before is highly unlikely, as the search engines will determine that you never really deserved to be there.  Google spends a lot of effort to find and detect all of the spam tricks.

An effective search engine optimization method for lawyers requires following proven local search marketing and SEO best practices.

Using the latest fads or tricks will eventually get your legal website penalized.  Should this happen, you could loose a lot of revenue for your legal practice, and getting your rankings back could cost you much time, money and aggravation, if you ever get them back.

Play by Google and Bing’s rules and you will experience better results, even if the time it takes to get ranked at the top of the search engines is a little bit longer.

If an Internet search engine marketing firm is promising rapid results for a small investment, run!  Much like hiring a great attorney, you usually get what you pay for!

3. You only control the content on your legal website!

We often recommend that you focus on the information that your clients and search engines can see and read on your website.  Do whatever you can to provide high quality, relevant legal information that will keep your reader coming back for more.  Remember the idea is for your website and marketing information to position you as the best solution for your potential clients legal challenges or questions.

It is important to focus on the value that your website information provides the reader and to make sure that the content is written for the reader and not the search engines.

4. WOW Your Legal Website Reader

The most important marketing piece that you have on-line is your website.  As an attorney, make sure you give your website content the time and attention that it deserves.

If you receive website traffic because someone typed in Atlanta Attorney and you were located in Charlotte North Carolina, do you think your visitor would stay?  Probably not! It is important to keep this in mind that relevant content is of the utmost importance as you want your website content to WOW your reader.  Only high value content helps convert your readers.

Your website should tell visitors why you are the best attorney in your city so make sure it focuses on what they get out of choosing your legal practice or you as their attorney.

High volume traffic is great however pointless if your website is disappointing your visitors. Low quality content won’t help you convert website visitors into clients. Your website should share with visitors why they should use your products or services focusing on what’s in it for them.

You website should look professional and should have a lead capture area that converts at a high rate.

5. Don’t focus on the latest legal marketing silver bullet.

The proverbial legal marketing fad for attorneys is not the next silver bullet.  There is nothing that replaces sound, foundational Search Engine Optimization “SEO” and legal marketing for Attorneys.

Have you heard of Microsites, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest?  While these are all great social marketing that have the ability to help you promote your legal business, unless your website fundamentals are right, they will not add much value to helping you grow your business.

Social media is all about engagement.  If you are going to venture into the social media arena for attorneys, do not do it halfway, as a partial attempt at social media can have a negative effect, which is opposite of what you desire. To increase your marketing effectiveness, it is better to focus on one or two things and do them well versus having too many balls up in the air.

With the right legal marketing and search engine optimization “SEO” expert team in your corner, you can effectively find, attract and convert more clients for you legal practice!

The Number One Challenge Most Attorneys Face Today

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for attorneys today’s economy. Finding, attracting and converting more new clients for your legal practice are paramount if you want to create effective and profitable growth.  Some people believe that lawyers do not face the immense challenges of attracting new clients, however, it was not even until recent history that attorneys were even able to advertise their services.  If an attorney wants to attract more clients and grow their practice, it all begins with great legal search marketing and being found online.

Where Are People Searching for Attorneys These Days?

Your potential legal client lost likely started their search on Google or Bing.

While Google is currently the number one search engine, Bing, which is the combination of Yahoo and MSN currently, gets up to 30% of all search engine traffic and is steadily rising in customer preference.  So what keywords are people searching when looking for an attorney? For instance if your potential client lives in Atlanta, Georgia, they most likely searched for a lawyer in Atlanta, or more likely very specific to their community such as Marietta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell or Alpharetta.  They may have event taken it further and focused on your specialty such as divorce lawyer Atlanta, personal injury attorney Atlanta, or bankruptcy attorney Atlanta.

If You Are Not Ranked on Google or Bing, You Do Not Exist!

If you are not located on the first page of Google Plus Pages or Bing Local for your local search, you do not exist in the mind of your potential client.  The reason is simple and it is plain math; the chance of someone finding your legal firm is less than 6% if you are not on the top page of the search engines.  Many attorneys do not know how to get the precious top listings, so they throw their hand up in the air or spend tens of thousands on marketing to drive potential clients to their website.

They Do Not Teach Lawyers Marketing In Law School

While you learn how to become an effective lawyer in law school, they unfortunately do not teach you how to effectively build your legal practice through finding, attracting and converting more clients for your practice.

So you have a couple options, spend countless hours trying to learn effective legal marketing strategies, or you can hire a legal marketing and search engine optimization “SEO” expert that has the knowledge and skill along with the proven track record of success in getting businesses ranked on Google and Bing and converting potential clients.

Attorney Offices Need To Get Ranked on Bing and Google Locally!

It all begins with awareness!  As an attorney you may offer some of the best legal advice in your city, however most people probably have not heard of your practice.   Because of this, the chance of a prospective client picking up the telephone and calling your office for legal services is highly unlikely.

Potential legal clients need to have heard of you from someone else, seen your marketing or found you-online in order to know about you.  Great, they heard of you, that’s step one.  Step two is implementing an effective legal marketing plan, so your potential clients will have an opportunity to discover how you may serve their needs.

It has been more difficult for attorneys to attract and convert more clients in recent years with the current and often outdated marketing methods.  What worked in the past in attracting clients such as traditional media outlets, is not working the same way today.  Created a high (MROI) marketing return on investment continues to be a struggle for many attorneys.

What Works Today In Legal Marketing?

More than ever, it is important to get noticed in today’s competitive legal marketplace!  Ranking at the top of your local area search and supporting this ranking with an effective legal marketing strategy is a great place to begin!

Legal practices are made up of attorney’s – not marketing geniuses and search engine optimization (SEO) experts. This is why it is imperative for an attorney to hire a search engine optimization (SEO) expert to improve their marketing return on investment (MROI) and increase your attraction and sales conversion efforts.  Yes, as an attorney you are in sales too!

Local Search Marketing and Business Listings

In the past the only way to get found on the Internet was to dominate the top ten organic search spaces on Google or Bing.  However with the new advances in Google’s search algorithms and Google Plus Local and Bing Local search, all on-line searches have truly become a local search.

Today when you conduct a search on Google or Bing you will notice local business listings and detailed maps appear at the top of your search along with a pushpin image showing those locations on the map.  The secret is to provide all of the relevant content that makes your listing appear as the best and the one that Google wants you to appear there appears for relevant matches.  While local has currently taken precedent, combining a comprehensive effort that includes local and national search engine optimization efforts is it is those firms like Business Oxygen that specialize in local marketing search engine optimization.  Today more than ever it is important to have the right company in your corner overseeing you local marketing search results because is there is a discrepancy on any of the over 100 directories or search engines regarding your company information, it could affect your local listing placement on Google and Bing.   There are literally hundred’s of directories and each has their own special listing format and requirements.

With Google and Bing placing the emphasis on your location it is unbelievable however true that only 15% of all businesses are listed on Google plus local business listing service.

With all of the constant updates and changes in the major search engines, managing your legal practices’ on-line business presence is truly becoming a full-time job.  Not to mention the importance of being listed at the top of Google or Bing, it can make or break your business ability to grow.

Business Oxygen’s Local Search Listing Service will ensure that you grab your position on Google Plus Local and Bing Local.  And our Marketing team will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Business Oxygen Search is a national search engine optimization firm that specializes in local search marketing, SEO, Google Plus Local and Bing Local.


Business Oxygen has locations in Atlanta, GA; Phoenix, Arizona; Fort Lee, NJ and Brisbane Australia.

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