E.V.A. To Reach ALL Your Goals

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E.V.A. To Reach ALL Your Goals

Like so many other kids struggling with their parents divorce, I morphed into a pretty depressed and angry young man at 13. It didn’t take long for me to start lashing and acting out. I felt very alone at that time in my life (which was so contradictory to the happy-go-lucky kid I once was), which made it very hard for me to connect with anyone. 

And if you recall … At that age, having friends is very important. Yet I felt like I didn’t have even one friend I could really count on, or confide in.  

I remember being 16 years old and walking around the Rockaway Town Square mall by myself.  For whatever reason, I walked into Walden Bookstore. I vividly remember walking down a few isles, and then noticing a sign called “Self-Help”. 

Curious as to what that meant (again, I was just 16), I took a turn in that direction to check it out.  As I perused the section, my eyes fell upon an audio cassette in a stand alone rack called Increasing Self-Confidence by Dr. David Illig. 

I bought it. I distinctly remember opening the package and popping that cassette into my old school Panasonic tape recorder with my one earbud as soon as I got home. 

Little did I know, that tape was going to become the catalyst to a very positive and life-changing path in my life. In fact, this was such a pivotal moment for me, I kept and still have the original cassette after all these years.  I never wanted to part with it as it’s so symbolic with my transformation. 

Anyway …  I started listening to it every evening before going to bed.  If I woke up in the middle of the night, I’d play it again. I gradually started to feel different about myself and about others around me.  I started experiencing a transformation, and from that moment forward, you could say I was a believer. 

It wasn’t until years later that I really understood why doing what I did (more specifically, how I did it) made such an impact on my future self. 

It all started with the power of mindset and belief. The HOW was the power of my subconscious mind working as I slept to process what I was thinking about right before I fell asleep. 

I was amazed to learn later in life that your mind processes whatever it is you are thinking about right before you go to sleep 7 times more than anything else. 

Keeping that in mind over the years, along with what exactly I was planting into my subconscious, I developed a very scientific and methodical process for myself.  


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A process I still practice today. 

A process I also teach many other Entrepreneurs.  

A process I named E.V.A. which stands for:  

E – Envision
V – Visualize
A – Action

NOTE: The only way you’ll fail at this is by giving into any existing limiting beliefs about yourself. Basically, whether you feel you are worth it or not.  Usually those with limiting beliefs don’t attract anything good or positive because they don’t believe they are worth it. So if you know your limiting beliefs are holding you back, start focusing on changing this first. Only then can you take steps to move you closer to your goals and aspirations using this formula that took me over 30 years to refine and perfect … 

E.V.A. Step-by-Step Process: 

Step 1: Get a notebook and writing instrument and place both by your bedside. A device like an iPad will work, as long as you are physically writing on it. The act of actual hand-writing and the connection this action has on your brain is what we’re after here, so no typing or speaking into a device.  

Step 2: Every night before you go to bed, take a moment and think about what you really want. Think about what you really want to achieve and accomplish in your lifetime.  

Step 3: Next, write down this sentence and fill in the blanks for EVERY dream or goal you want to achieve:  

I, [Insert your name], will achieve [Insert specific dream/aspiration/goal] by this [Insert date] or sooner.  This is what I believe that I want, however I am open to receive something even greater. [Insert whatever you believe to be a higher power], please connect me to the people I need to meet and connect me to the resources I need to have in order to make this happen…


IMPORTANT: Write this separate sentence for each and every goal/aspiration/dream you want to attain or accomplish. 

Step 4: Next, visualize as you drift off to sleep what your life will be like once you reach these written goals, aspirations, and dreams. Visualizing helps your brain drive your actions further and faster.

Step 5: As soon as you wake in the morning, grab the sheet from the night before and read it. It’s important to do it first thing before anything else, (that’s why I recommend keeping these writings close to your bedside). It’s been found that the first 20 minutes after you wake can set the stage for the rest of your day. When you first wake you are in what’s called the alpha state. This is considered the gateway to the subconscious mind

By reading your goals/dreams/aspirations each and every morning during this time, you start training your brain to use this short segment of subconscious activity to work towards, and align with your goals/dreams/aspirations to make them a reality. 

Step 6: Repeat. Each night before you go to sleep, complete the exercise again (even if your goals remain the same, rewrite them all in the format above on a new sheet of paper).  Visualize. And once again, every morning, read them. 

Make a commitment to do this for at least 28 days

Now, here’s why I believe this works …

First, everything happens for a reason (I believe nothing happens by accident).  I also believe all of us (although we are merely human), are connected to each others’ guardian angels.  I believe we are all connected in spirit and when we ask for help to make our goals and dreams happen (either to be connected to someone who can help us, or drawn to someone or something that can further guide us), these things will appear for us. 

The universe works in mysterious ways. When you start to believe this to be true, all of a sudden, things start showing up in our lives. 

Miraculously, things start to happen … Many things we find difficult to explain.

Second, mindset absolutely contributes to growth and success. I started down my life-changing path at 16 years old when I bought that audio cassette and experienced the power of my subconscious mind and the power of belief. It got me through a very dark time in my young life. I can’t imagine how my life would have been different had I not walked down to that Self-Help section that day. 

Finally, I take action. None of this matters if you don’t TAKE ACTION. The universe and our guardian angels can bring people, resources, or opportunities to us, but it’s up to us to recognize them, and seize the moment.  

If taking action is something that has become an obstacle for you, start getting crystal clear on what you really want to achieve. 

Maybe your goals and aspirations are conflicting with one another. Maybe there are so many things on your list it’s hard to focus on the most important ones; therefore no movement is made. 

Do me a favor. Try E.V.A. for 28 days and tell me how it works for you. 

Seriously, what do you have to lose?

If you find success with it (or don’t), I’d love to hear your feedback.  Just hit reply to get a message directly to me, or post your comment in our Elite Marketing Forum .   

To your success, 



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