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Case Studies


International Success Mentor

Case Studies

Discover how Business Nitrogen achieved

Because of Business Nitrogen’s strategy this International Success Mentor lowered their cost of advertising by 63% and achieved their biggest 8-figure launch ever, all during a pandemic.

Our client is known as one of the top international leadership and success mentors. He helps clients achieve their personal and business goals by applying his leadership, time management, and motivational strategies. In the third quarter of 2019, he began working with Business Nitrogen with the goal to increase sales and reduce the cost of advertising. Our first launch in December 2019 exceeded ten million dollars for the client. 2020’s year-end reflected amazing results, despite the pandemic. We lowered their cost of paid advertising by 63% from 2019 and achieved another 8-figure launch, the largest in the company’s history. In 18 months of working with Business Nitrogen their topline revenue grew by 35% over the previous year.

The Professionals Network

Discover how Business Nitrogen achieved

Business Nitrogen’s marketing strategy was so successful in just 90 days that The Professional Network had to create a new plan to deal with the huge influx of new clients.

The Professionals Network manages over two billion dollars in energy procurement, waste management, energy solutions, and medical and agriculture business. They came to Business Nitrogen to build a marketing funnel that would increase sales and we developed a true partnership. Both teams collaborated to help The Professionals Network, and their associated businesses, move to the next level of their business and revenue. Within just 90 days, The Professionals Network experienced such an increase in sales they were left wondering how to accommodate the enormous surge in new clients. And after just 18 months of working with Business Nitrogen, their business will grow 21% in 2021, despite the pandemic, and without adding a single new client. 

Blake Cory 

In partnering with Business Nitrogen, Blake Cory was able to launch his Top Agent Mastery Coaching Program. Within 5 days of the launch, Blake had enough clients and recurring revenue to not only pay company expenses, he was able to turn a profit. His coaching program has added another arm to his highly successful real estate business.

Blake Cory is a top performing real estate agent in Southern California. His team is ranked top 10 in the state, selling over 500 homes in 2021, resulting in over $300 million in sales. Blake has also used Business Nitrogen’s marketing strategy to scale his real estate company both locally and nationally. By expanding his business to include his coaching program, Blake has been able to fulfill his passion of teaching, coaching and being able to touch other agents’ lives, sharing his knowledge and systems. Blake knew what he wanted to accomplish but came to Business Nitrogen to help him execute his dream. Blake believes his partnership has been game changing not only in his business but in his life. He believes it’s one of the best investments he’s ever made in his company. 


Case Studies

Discover how Business Nitrogen achieved

Business Nitrogen’s value-based marketing strategy increased Rush Hair & Beauty’s average visit value by 27.5% and lowered their cost of acquisition despite disruption from the pandemic.

Rush Hair & Beauty have over 90 successful salons spanning the UK but their promotions relied heavily on 50% discounts to new customers. They reached out to Business Nitrogen to have our team explore ways that Rush could transition from heavy discounts to value-based marketing. In early 2020, Business Nitrogen implemented and optimized a completely new funnel and marketing strategy for Rush which increased conversions by almost 28% without relying on a 50% discount. During the first UK lockdown Rush were forced to temporarily close their salons. Instead of putting their momentum on hold, we collaborated during the next four months to create a powerful relaunch plan in anticipation of RUSH’s reopening in July. Andy Phouli, CEO of Rush Hair & Beauty, said this about his experience with Business Nitrogen: “It’s brilliant how well the Business Nitrogen team integrated with the Rush team. We have been able to lower our new client acquisition cost to £12.84 without any discounting and increase our average visit value by 27.5%. This is what I always knew marketing should be.” 


Case Studies

Discover how Business Nitrogen achieved

Due to Business Nitrogen’s marketing strategy and ad management, Pure Flix grew their sales while reducing their cost of acquisition by 65%. They also increased their YouTube conversions by 275%.

Pure Flix is a faith-based video on demand streaming service. They wanted to scale all of their accounts by volume and total client acquisition, while reducing the cost of acquiring each client. When Pure Flix came to Business Nitrogen they were servicing 370,00+ paying customers with 420,000+ trial members. The challenge was to maintain a low cost per acquisition while accelerating sales. With nine ad accounts using six different channels of marketing, Business Nitrogen collaborated with Pure Flix’s social agency and eight internal departments to attain their target growth while reducing the cost per acquisition by 65% to just $26. We were able to accomplish this at scale while managing a paid advertising spend of over two million dollars per month. We also strategized a new plan for YouTube marketing and increased their YouTube conversions by 275%. 


Discover how Business Nitrogen achieved

Thanks to Business Nitrogen Spiking achieved their 12-month goal in 90-days and made over a million dollars in revenue from one funnel.

Spiking is an AI stock insider trading software and during the 2020 pandemic they needed to pivot their traditional business model which relied heavily on in-person seminars and presentations. Business Nitrogen collaborated with Spiking to create a complete brand refresh, including a new website and visual identity plus strategic new marketing funnels. We also updated their Certified Trading Program and Trading World Championship. Thanks to Business Nitrogen’s expertise, Spiking ramped up their digital marketing, quickly gaining traction and momentum. In the first 90 days from launch, Spiking reached their 12-month goal and achieved ClickFunnels Two Comma Club status, in recognition of exceeding one million dollars in revenue from a single ClickFunnel. 


Discover how Business Nitrogen achieved

TAPfit doubled their cart conversions and achieved their goal of joining the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club due to Business Nitrogen’s optimization strategies.

TAPfit came to Business Nitrogen for guidance on how to increase their revenue with an online sales process that took their audience straight to an offer without the traditional opt-in. The Business Nitrogen team focused on optimizing the beautiful design TAPfit had already created, improving copy, user experience, and the customer journey to turn it into a scalable offer.

Due to Business Nitrogen’s optimization strategies, TAPfit’s revenue and return on ad spend continued to grow and their cart conversion jumped from 9% to over 20% in just 90-days. They achieved their goal to reach ClickFunnels Two Comma Club as monthly revenue exceeded a hundred thousand dollars several months from launch due to Business Nitrogen’s optimization. 

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