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The Infinite Business Model

Reduce stress and build the company of your dreams when you go from idea to iconic ™

The Infinite Business Model was designed to reduce stress and increase profits for generations to come. It was created to build legacy companies from decades of collective knowledge shared by our award-winning team.

Once you know it, you’ll never go back. It can be used in any industry, in any market conditions, for any product or service.

It’s how we’ve helped our clients grow during the current global pandemic.

And you can use it too. 

Business Nitrogen Infinite Business Model

A white-glove experience from an award-winning team

Business Nitrogen Team

We work remotely with clients all over the world. It’s how we designed our business, long before the pandemic made remote work more popular, so we have a fine-tuned process to work closely with you, wherever you are.

Before we do anything else, we’ll complete a full diagnostic deep-dive together. These run for several hours and make sure we understand the goals of your business as well as you and your team do.

Then we’ll personally match you with the right account manager from our team. Your account manager is there to facilitate our relationship. They’ll communicate clearly so you always know exactly what our award-winning team is doing to help facilitate your business growth.  If you have a question, your account manager will make sure it gets to the right person and you get an answer.

We begin by creating your unique strategy. Then our team of creatives will bring it to life and we’ll continually optimize to create the best possible results.


We believe you deserve a partner.  Don’t you?

We believe you deserve better.

We’re not here to give you a default plan we use with everyone and then ignore your questions.

We provide a highly personalized experience for every single client. One that takes into account your unique company, team, and strengths to capitalize on them and help you build your legacy.

We believe in client relationships that last. And we know when you start working with us and experience the Infinite Business Model, you’ll want to keep smashing your goals and creating a real business legacy.

Wealth changes the world and we want to give that power to people who are building companies that matter for people who care. When you build a legacy company you can create huge positive change in your life, your children’s lives, your community, and the world. Our mission is to help as many businesses as possible make a positive impact. 

Ready to create your legacy?

These are the kind of people our award-winning team loves to partner with…

Go from idea to iconic™ with Business Nitrogen’s award-winning team of strategists and creatives so you can build a company that matters

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