“How Can I Help You?” may be killing your conversions…

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“How Can I Help You?” may be killing your conversions…

“How Can I Help You?”

We’ve all fielded this simple inquiry thousands of times. At a retail store, on a call with your cable company, etc…

It’s a familiar trope and has been used in customer service since…well…since always, I would guess!

It’s an honest and open approach when dealing with your client.  So I’m not knocking it.  I’m not suggesting you stop inquiring or offering help to your client.

What I AM suggesting is that a more proactive approach may be the key to getting a new client and making sure they stick around once they’ve signed on. I have a client who was promoting an evergreen webinar every month. In the beginning, it was bringing in an average revenue of $100k per month. Some months higher than others, some months lower. So it was doing well, but it just wasn’t consistent. 

They were on a hamster wheel.  A roller coaster.

They wanted to improve it. 

I could have checked in and asked ‘How may I help you?’


“How Can I Help You?” may be killing your conversions… | Infinite Business | Business Nitrogen | ClickFunnels | SEO


But having seen their webinars, and taken a look at the numbers, I felt it was up to me to KNOW how to help them.

I felt like it was MY responsibility to actively help them because that’s what I do!

Getting to know your client is key. Knowing what their pain points are.  Knowing exactly what’s holding them back or slowing them down.

Pain points are specific problems faced by current or prospective customers in the marketplace.

Pain points include any problems the customer may experience along their journey.

So I took it upon myself to start helping them by implementing our proven challenge funnel framework.

I took the time to break it down into a simple construct so that they clearly understood the challenge.

I then took the time to break down their existing webinar, so they could really see the difference, and understand how they could dramatically improve and stabilize their return by changing the format.

For any strategy like this to work, (in order to attract new clients), it’s important to recognize that they are coming to you because they are looking for information.  

Information = Value

A business owner must provide that value and have a positive mindset.

A mindset that tells their prospective customers and clients that you want them to grow and succeed. 

One of my favorite ways to add value is to share insights and stories from my own experiences.

Sharing why it is I do what I do, is a powerful way to connect. In fact, I always advise my clients to share their ‘WHY’ when working with their new or potential clients.

The brilliant creators at Marvel and DC Comics use this ‘WHY’ concept to help us connect with their superheros and villains.  

We know WHO Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc, are. But knowing WHY they are who they are adds a deeper level of connection and gives us, as the consumer, a window into their passion, their drive…their ORIGIN STORY.

The same holds true for you and your business.  Knowing and sharing your origin story, gives your potential customers and clients a deeper look into WHY it is you do what you do, as opposed to HOW.

If they know and understand your origin story, you have the opportunity to help them understand their own.

So I shared my origin story, and I challenged my client to explore theirs.  The next challenge was transitioning their evergreen webinar to a live challenge format.

The first step was showing them the importance of doing these events LIVE. Nothing compares to the energy of watching a live performance. Delivering your webinar live will resonate at such a higher level with your audience. 

There is nothing that compares to the energy of watching a live performance and delivering your webinar live can make a huge difference.

I treat it as if I have an entire stadium I have to connect with. That level of energy exudes confidence and feels more personal to the viewer.

Don’t be afraid to make it a BIG presentation with BIG energy.

Be a control freak.  Control the process.  Each event should be like a ritual and delivered the same way every time.

This means being your most confident version of yourself. It’s not always easy.  We all have limiting beliefs. 

Overcoming these beliefs isn’t always easy since they are deeply ingrained in us and often from childhood. 

Identify them. 

Address them. 

Then incorporate actionable strategies to change these beliefs in your daily life and behaviors.

Confidence is everything.  

The same holds true for making cold calls.

Yes, cold calls are not dead!

Even now, cold calling has resulted in ½ a billion dollars in less than five years for one of our clients. So use them wisely!

The trick is to make sure you’re calling the right person.  Don’t settle for calling anyone that ranks lower than the CEO.  Start at the top and take your shot.

But you can’t just ‘smile and dial’ your way through a cold call.

Just like a live webinar, your energy makes all the difference. Stand up and walk around during your call! Wave your arms. Talk to the stadium you’re picturing in your mind.

On a cold call, the one with the most certainty wins. Know what you’re talking about and be better than anyone else.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

Too often we have a SALES mentality when speaking to a potential client.  We end up pitching too hard or maybe we get into our heads and focus on our own inner voice when we ought to be focused on our client.

Use the power of your live voice and personal energy to be amazing on the phone, through a webinar and in person when you close that deal!

Once you’ve mastered this and start to see the returns, then you can automate your live webinars or challenges. 

Keep in mind, your prospective clients may not have the time or the capacity to sit for five one-hour segments for a challenge, but will gladly spend an afternoon sitting through one five-hour webinar.

We like to call that our Super Saturday Replay.

You need to find out what works best for your prospective clients. What they respond to more. 

The numbers don’t lie. 18%-24% of sales come from our Super Saturday Replay.

I’m happy to say that my client stepped up to the challenge.

I was not only able to stabilize their monthly revenue but I also helped increase it!

Now it’s your turn to challenge yourself and your clients!

To your success, 




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