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Row…Row…Row your business

As Entrepreneurs, we are visionary leaders … 

We can come up with some pretty AMAZING ideas which not only creates massive excitement, it gives us a pretty incredible rush.

An excitement and rush we just can’t wait to share with our team so they can get it implemented right away (if you have one)

Just how many times have you caught yourself saying this? 

“Oh my god, I got the most amazing idea! Okay, let’s get that implemented right away. I need everyone to start working on this ASAP!”

Almost a week goes by and …

“Oh my gosh, I got an amazing idea! We need to start working on this right away!” 

Before you know it, you’ve got ten plus projects in the pipeline being juggled by your team and none of them seem to be getting done fast enough, or finished at all.

So what gives? 

I hear it almost every time I speak with a client (at one time or another this common frustration is eventually brought up). 

A little context …  Our clients come to us because they can’t seem to move their company forward to the next level on their own. They haven’t been able to reach the goals or milestones they’ve set (at the timeframe they desire). They are stuck. No matter what they try, or who they hire, they just can’t push forward fast enough. 

ONE of the reasons they can’t seem to break through that invisible ceiling (and I emphasize “one” because although it is a big one, it’s just that…one of many) is because they let every shiny new object (idea/method/strategy/tactic) that comes their way, interfere and cloud the LONG-TERM vision they initially set out to achieve. 


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It’s what I call the “Roller Coaster Syndrome”. I felt compelled to create a name for it because it’s something I was a huge offender of … 

And truth be told, it’s still something to this day I am guilty of. 

Roller Coaster Syndrome is: 

  • The continual act of shifting from idea to idea, from project to project, from strategy to strategy without finishing others.
  • Failure to remain on course to growing and scaling the company for the LONG-TERM.
  • When we continually derail our existing goals and milestones with our desire to add new projects, new strategies, and new ideas into the mix without any thought to, OR how it supports and enhances our BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal).
  • The act of having no filter and communicating to our team with no clarity or direction whether this “new idea” is just an idea for the FUTURE, or if it’s a DIRECTIVE for now. In short … NOT clearly defining whether something takes priority over everything else.

TIP: Something you want to happen above everything else I call an immediate DIRECTIVE. Something I want to eventually implement I consider an IDEA for the future. 

After decades of growing and scaling my own companies, and consulting with thousands of Entrepreneurs …

I can guarantee that your team wants nothing more than to make you happy. 

Which means they reside in REACTIVE mode most of the time. 

When we communicate our ideas as visionary leaders, unless we give our team a clear priority level, (again, immediate directive or eventual idea to implement) they are going to always default to immediate directive and re-prioritize what they are focused They will then reallocate their time and resources to get this new project or idea implemented above others.  

When this happens over and over again, you can just imagine what occurs … Bottlenecks surface, and the pipelines overflow, break or back up. 

You’ll start to notice that progress halts or slows on other projects. Your team becomes burnt out, overwhelmed, and frustrated. YOUR expectations are not met and you’re left wondering why nothing is getting done. 

Roller Coaster Syndrome not only negatively affects the team structure and productivity, it infects other vital parts of the company, including the bottom line.

Do I have your attention now?

Think about it … When time is reallocated to any new project or idea; focus, resources, time, and energy is TAKEN FROM something else that WAS being focused on.

Oftentimes, what is neglected is the lifeblood of the company (the exact thing that sustains it). 

No matter what is compromised, PROGRESS slows. For every project you add, additional resources, team members, and management are required to properly execute it and support it. 

If you don’t believe that to be true, let’s just imagine this quick scenario: 

You and your team are focused on Project A and B. Then Project C is added. Focus shifts to that new project until you realize that Project A and B really need to be focused on too, so your team shifts again. 

Then Project D is added into the mix. 100% focus shifts over to that one for a little while before you realize that Project C has totally been neglected, so focus shifts in that direction next.

All these little strides now being made for each project become shorter and shorter until you are now moving at a snail’s pace to reach the END result of each. Directly affecting the revenue (or lack thereof)

Now imagine actually allowing your team to focus on completing one of those projects. Let’s say it generated a ton of revenue, which in turn now gives you the opportunity to invest in additional team members. Yes, more people to help see through the other projects you have in the pipeline. 

See the difference? 

If you are having trouble reaching those goals and milestones you’ve set, take a closer look at how many projects you and your team are working on at one given time.  

Then ask yourself how many of those projects are getting you to your most important goal of growing and scaling to the next level? Your BHAG? Increasing revenue?

Are you allowing your team to work in unison? All in the same direction to reach the goals and milestones you set for them? 

Quick story …. In high school and briefly in college my son Rowed Crew (aka rowing team or row club). Rowing is a sport where all team members have to work in unison and be both physically & technically exact. If all 8 members aren’t rowing at the exact same time and same angle with the same exact pressure they will go off course. If one person steps out, the boat may tip, or spin in circles. 

Communication also plays an extremely important role in this sport. Non-verbal communication is transferred back and forth to each crew member by movements as well as verbal communication in feedback.

Same holds true with team communication. 

Always make sure that everyone on your team (everyone in the boat) knows what direction to row in. Ensure your team is always aligned and working towards the same goal.  Be confident every team member is communicated to clearly so they know exactly what the priority is. 

And as a visionary leader, it’s 100% up to you to cast that vision. To cast that direction and ensure you are clearly communicating to your team every step of the way. 

This is what grows a company leaps and bounds. A cohesive team, clear vision and priorities, and proper direction from you as their visionary leader. 

As contradictory as it may sound, sometimes you need to slow down in order to speed up growth and progress in your company. 

When you start completing projects and initiatives that actually drive you closer to your BHAG, you’ll find your company will move forward … FASTER.

Need guidance on how to be more clear and intentional with your team? 

Looking to brainstorm how we can help you and your team get to the next level? By the way, our new Internal Scaling System might be a perfect fit for you and your team if you are having difficulty reaching the next level in your business. 

As always, simply reply to this email and let’s set up a time to chat.   

To your success,



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