What is TIME costing you?

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What is TIME costing you?

I learned this invaluable skill when I was hired as the President and CEO of a new start-up company. 

We raised a couple of million dollars and were off to the races. To say I was busy would be an understatement.

I remember having lunch one day with one of our billionaire investors and he asked me how I spent my time. I shared my Franklin Covey planner.  

I was perplexed when he laughed. I was thinking he’d be so impressed how organized I was (or how organized I thought I was listing everything I had to do). 

What I learned from him that day changed everything. 

 I discovered he did NOT have a to-do list. 

He said if it was not important enough to make it into his calendar it did not exist


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So, to this day (19 years later) I live by this mantra.  

I schedule everything. And I mean everything. 

I’ll schedule 5-minute meetings if necessary. 

Because if it’s not scheduled, it doesn’t exist. 

Just adopting this ONE habit has allowed me to: 

  • Focus on what really matters and discard what doesn’t deserve my valuable time and attention.
  • Move things forward, faster…
  • Do what I say I’m going to do!

Now let’s take the concept around the value of your time a bit further. 

Think to yourself right now how much time you’ve wasted just today.  

You know those unexpected calls that derail you… 

The, “Do you have a minute?” unexpected meetings, the social media abyss, etc.

Now add it up. Be honest. 

I learned when I was working with Chet Holmes that just wasting 30 minutes a day equates to LOSING 3 days a year.  

1 hour a day wasted = 6 days a year. 

2 hours wasted equals 12 days a year. 

These are FOREVER LOST. You can’t get them back!

So I ask you…

What could you do with 3, 6, or 12 days 100% focused on your business? 

Could you get more clients? 

Could you create an awesome marketing plan? 

Could you focus on the 20% that gets you 80% of results? 

Of course, you could. 

Benjamin Franklin was spot on… Time is Money

What would that be worth to you if you actually became a master of how you spend your time?

How much in dollar value could you scale your business? 

I challenge you to put it into tangible financial terms for one single, very important reason. 

Our minds are very powerful and when we put it into tangible terms something powerful is set in motion if you follow through with ACTION. 

So take ACTION today and make it a new practice to schedule everything

Start taking back your time. 

We certainly can’t change how much time is in a day, but we sure can choose how we spend our time in a day. 

To your success, 



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