Business Nitrogen™ Awarded 2022 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in The Nation


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MARIETTA, GA (September 20, 2022) — On September 19th, The National Association for Business Resources officially released its list of Summer 2022 Best and Brightest Companies To Work For in The Nation. Business Nitrogen, an Atlanta-based full-service marketing and sales scaling agency, is proud to announce their nomination and acceptance of the highly prestigious and coveted award.

“When you combine great minds with even greater leadership, you end up with a company culture unlike any other,” said David Asarnow, Founder and CEO of Business Nitrogen who attributes complete credit to his team for winning this award. “The same team members I hired 11 years ago are still with me today. Since then, we’ve continued to add incredible talent within our organization as we’ve continued to grow with little to no turnover. This is not by accident–it’s completely intentional.”

Ramzi Amer, a copywriter at Business Nitrogen stated, “When I first interviewed for this company, I immediately noticed there was something unique and special going on here. Every team member’s authenticity shines through, and I can tell they’re here to fulfill a greater purpose rather than simply collect a paycheck.”

Companies nominated for this distinguished award undergo a comprehensive assessment by an independent research firm and are graded on extensive criteria including but not limited to: Retention, diversity, work-life balance, recruitment, recognition, shared vision, and strategic company performance. In addition, the committee surveyed the company’s team to get a 360 degree view from an employee perspective.

As Corporate America continues to adopt an increasingly cut-throat approach, many would agree it’s a breath of fresh air to hear about an organization that truly values its company culture and puts people above profits. We look forward to seeing how Business Nitrogen continues to set the bar for others to aspire to when it comes to company culture, team appreciation, and enrichment.

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