Get highly-targeted, pre-qualified B2B best buyer leads on autopilot

Your "Best Buyer" ready to take your call every month... Guaranteed!

Every B2B business is looking for one thing: more of their Best Buyers.
The highly-targeted group of high-converting leads that share the qualities of your most profitable clients. We’ll do the hard work for you and find them, so you can focus on closing more sales.

Fast, affordable, high-quality B2B lead generation made possible by our cutting-edge AI technology and world-class copywriting.
Get highly-targeted, pre-qualified B2B best buyer leads on autopilot

Leverage the scale of automated cold email and the power of ultra-personalized outreach, together for the first time

With flexible options so your lead generation grows with you at any stage of business. Our clients say this is as powerful as having 3 business development reps.

 Scale your B2B lead generation with highly-targeted, high-quality leads. We harness the power of revolutionary AI-backed technology and world-class persuasive copywriting to create a ultra personalized successful cold email outreach with unbeatable conversion rates. All you have to do is get ready to follow up on your interested leads.

Target the exact criteria of B2B leads you’re looking for and reach more of them directly with unbeatable open and engagement rates for cold email outreach

Engage targeted leads with high-converting, psychology-based copywriting and ultra-specific personalization that prompts interested leads to raise their hand for a call with your team

Receive dozens or more interested, high-converting leads every month ready for your sales team, all pre-qualified to become your newest Best Buyers

Case Studies

Explore the results the

system has made possible for clients

5 Star Rating
12-15 Interested Prospects Every Day

Client A approached us for help with finding innovative ways to engage new users through their outbound efforts. As a cold email agency themselves, they already had the necessary email delivery infrastructure in place, but were seeking new ways to use data to target more potential users. Utilizing our internal databases, we launched 8 simultaneous campaigns with different targeting strategies. On average, these campaigns generated 12-15 interested prospects per day.

5 Star Rating
A Steady Pipeline For Acquisitions
Client C learned about our work through a podcast and approached us for assistance with reaching out to business owners who were interested in selling their business. They were unsure of the best approach to take, so we not only provided advice to their internal team but also ran the campaign for them and developed a data collection strategy and script that could be easily repeated to create a steady pipeline for their team.
5 Star Rating
A Competitive Edge In An Unlikely Industry

Client E sought out our services after hearing about our technology at a conference and realizing that it could give them a competitive edge. Cold email is not a commonly used method for acquiring customers in their industry, not because it is ineffective, but because many people do not know how to get started with it. We provided Client E with the necessary system, copywriting, and data, and the campaign was successful on its own. This demonstrates the power of presenting an appealing offer to an audience that has a need for it.

5 Star Rating
From 7-15% Open Rate to 69.7%

Client B encountered a major issue with email delivery prior to seeking our assistance. Typically, their campaigns had an open rate of 7-15%, and they were aware that they needed to avoid the spam filters and promotions tab in order to communicate directly with their prospects. By using our cold email infrastructure, we were able to achieve an average open rate of 69.7% across all of their campaigns, without making any changes to the messaging.

5 Star Rating
Beating The Spam Filter For Financial Investment Product
Client D was one of our earliest clients and their experience highlights the value of experimenting and trying out new approaches when running an outbound program. Initially, the first three campaigns we launched for Client D faced significant spam issues. This was partly due to the nature of their financial investment product, which can trigger spam filters due to the language used in the emails. To overcome this challenge, we worked closely with Client D’s team to creatively reframe their offer in a way that would avoid the spam filters but still attract qualified prospects. Today, our leads provide a steady stream of business for their team of six salespeople, and we continue to help them build their list of opted-in email recipients with advice beyond just cold email services.
5 Star Rating
Over 50% Personalization For Outreach

Client F is both a partner and a customer of ours. They gather and sell valuable open job data that we also use in our campaigns. By combining our email infrastructure, contact data, and their open job data, we were able to identify ideal customers and customize each email to each prospect to a high degree, with over 50% of the content being tailored to each individual recipient.

Effortlessly connect with potential clients who are truly interested in your B2B products or services​

Our unparalleled cold outreach, ultra personalized lead generation techniques are proven to deliver some of the highest open rates in the industry, helping you to identify and connect with high-quality, highly targeted prospects at scale every month.

Streamlined onboarding to set you up for success

Our efficient onboarding process, provides us with a deep understanding of your ideal clients and helps you identify common themes among those Best Buyers.

You’ll be introduced to your dedicated Customer Success Manager who will give you an overview of our platform and share strategies for maximizing your campaign results.

Our campaign specialists will manage account creation, data analysis, and provide strategic insights for key decision-makers.

Powerful lead generation campaigns on autopilot

Your specialist team will create custom copy tailored to your unique offer and audience and your automated campaigns will begin to run seamlessly, warmed up within 30 days and working in the background without requiring your time, effort, or attention.

Our team of experts don’t just develop high-converting campaigns to help you meet your business goals, they’ll also regularly analyze campaign data and provide performance-based recommendations based on our current research to continually optimize your results.

Receive a steady flow of targeted leads for your sales team

You can expect to start receiving highly-targeted leads from businesses who are genuinely interested in your offer within a few days.

Plus, you’ll receive regular status updates from your team of specialists, including any optimization made by our experts to ensure your outreach campaigns are always aligned with our latest strategies and insights to provide the best possible results.

Best Buyer lead generation for any stage of business offers a flexible solution to B2B lead generation with tailored options so your lead generation can grow as you do.


$5,000/month +​

Up to 5,000 total email targets per month
To allow for message resonance testing, sending begins at a slower pace and steadily increases to full capacity during the first two months
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$10,000/month +​

Up to 10,000 total email targets per month
To allow for message resonance testing, sending begins at a slower pace and steadily increases to full capacity during the first two months.

100% Results

We're so confident in the results we deliver that we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If we don't deliver cold emails that your targeted audience opens and replies to by month 3, we will continue to work at no additional cost up to another 90 days in order to prove out the system. Why? Because we’re committed to your success and know that we can help.

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Your Questions, Answered.

It all starts with understanding who you want to target and why they’re the perfect fit for your product or service. Our team will work with you during onboarding to create a specific criteria that determines your Best Buyer. Only then do we conduct audience research and develop a killer plan of action, including persuasive copywriting. And the best part? We won’t stop until we get results. We’re constantly testing and optimizing until we deliver qualified leads, and you won’t receive your first monthly invoice until we do.

At, success is not just a word, it’s a metric. For us, success means nothing less than a cold email open rate of 18% and beyond. And the best part? We’ll work with you to set specific, measurable goals for your unique campaigns.

We’ve got you covered. We follow all the best practices to protect your reputation and avoid your emails hitting spam, including avoiding false or misleading header information, refraining from deceptive headlines, disclosing that the message is an advertisement, providing information about our location and explaining how recipients can opt out of future messages. We also honor opt-out requests and monitor them to ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act for our B2B clients.

Our cutting-edge AI-backed technology and proven psychology-based copywriting strategy are leveraged to increase the chances of your emails landing in the inbox. Our open rates range from 18-50% or higher, depending on the campaign. And the best part? We offer ironclad performance results.   If we don’t deliver cold emails that your targeted audience opens and replies to by month 3, we will continue to work at no additional cost up to another 90 days in order to prove out the system.

At, we’re laser-focused on delivering effective results for our clients and specialize in delivering high-quality leads for B2B businesses. We don’t currently work with B2C businesses that offer personal services or consumer products, multi-level marketing organizations (MLMs), or business opportunity offers. If you offer a B2B product or service we’d love to explore whether is the right fit for your lead generation.

Yes. is the perfect solution to grow your B2B business without the risk of hiring additional sales staff or committing to long-term contracts. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to scale your business with ease and confidence, providing a steady flow of highly-targeted, pre-qualified leads for your existing sales team to close.


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