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Struggling to Maintain a Positive ROI on Your Ad Spend?

You’re not alone. Most business owners relying on platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Google are finding it near impossible to:

Like it or not, the industry is changing…
What worked and generated results in the past is history.

Get Started By Taking Step 1 and Find Out Exactly Where You Stand…





Struggling to Get Your Facebook, Google, or YouTube Ads to ACTUALLY Make You Money?

Find Out EXACTLY Where You Are LOSING Money & How to Target Your Ad SPEND Profitably with Our Premier Traffic Audit… 

The Answer Isn’t Always… “Just Spend More Money!”

What If You Could Get More Qualified Leads For The Same Ad Spend…How Would That Affect Your Business?

Most business owners don’t know what to do. Most don’t even know where they stand because they outsource their ad management to a third party, forcing them to be 100% reliant upon them to deliver what they’ve promised. Whether that be a contractor, ad agency, or freelancer in another country that “does it cheaper”, many of those so-called “online ad experts” are actually failing their clients right now for these main reasons…

The truth? In order to know with 100% certainty what you need to do to optimize your efforts, is to become crystal clear on where you stand RIGHT NOW.  For our clients, that means getting a comprehensive audit done on all their ad accounts. Having a proven expert team reviewing and auditing your ad accounts, analyzing all your metrics, and reporting back what can be done to immediately fix costly mistakes you could be making, and discovering sure-fire ways to optimize your ad spend is Step ONE.

Businesses That Invest in Our Premier Traffic Audit Save THOUSANDS.

In fact, from an audit we recently performed for a client (you may have heard of themClickFunnels), we were able to SAVE them $200,000 just by tweaking ONE thing my ads team identified. Our Premier Traffic Audit = $1097. Was it more than worth it for them? ABSOLUTELY!

Business Nitrogen Team

Many business owners outsource their ad management to a third party and really aren’t sure what a good return on ad spend is, and they want to find out how their ad specialist really measures up.

Having an expert team of eyes reviewing your entire ad spread, auditing it and reporting back what can be done to optimize your ad spend can be a huge eye-opener in determining if you really have the right person in place when it comes to managing your ads. 

-David Asarnow

Business Nitrogen Team

Here’s How to Get Your Ad Campaigns Evaluated By an Expert Team that Successfully Manages Millions of Ad Dollars Each Year…

(A Team Also Certified With ALL The Major Advertising Platforms)

My Senior Ad Team Puts All Your Ad Accounts, Strategies, and Stats Under a Microscope, Auditing Every Moving Part of Your Prospect Journey…

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Invest in a Premier Traffic Audit…

An Experienced Ads Team Produces RESULTS Like This…

These case studies reflect just a few of the businesses we’ve created incredible results for with paid traffic

Streaming ServicesPureFlix

Increased YouTube conversions by 275%

The Goal:, a streaming video on demand service, wanted to scale all of their accounts by volume and total acquisition. They service 370,000+ paying customers and 420,000+ trial members.

They wanted to increase their paid subscribers monthly while maintaining a low Target Cost Per Acquisition (TAC).

The Challenge: Their competing goals to increase their customer base and lower cost per acquisition was a challenge as lower cost per acquisition usually limits scale.

The Results: We collaborated with Pure Flix’s internal departments and social media agency to create growth in their member base while lowering their TAC to just $26.

We also increased YouTube conversions by 275% while consistently scaling the paid advertising spend.

CosmeticsEmme Diane

$1.5m in extra sales over 2.5years

The Goal: Skincare brand, Emme Diane, wanted to drive the number of people applying for consultations, plus increase their client base and revenue.

The Challenge: Skincare and cosmetics are a hugely competitive industry with many big players who can target the same customer base with large-scale campaigns.

The Results: We used an omni-channel social and paid advertising strategy to increase sales growth by 500% $1.5m in extra sales over 2.5years. Our team developed and executed email automation sequences, SEO, and a paid organic social media campaign for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We created all content including copy, graphics and video to support the strategy.

In 2020 alone, we created a 43% increase in users to the website and an average customer order value of $153.


$1,000,000 IN 12 MONTHS

The Goal: TapFit wanted to take their business from home shopping networks like QVC to online sales.

We optimized their marketing funnel that took cold traffic directly to a $97 sale.

The Challenge: Most agencies said it was impossible to scale a marketing funnel that took cold traffic directly to a $97 sale. We believed we could increase their revenue on each advertising dollar spent (ROAS) by 2.5 to 3X minimum using our unique strategies for paid digital advertising.

The Results: Through focusing on creative and landing page Conversion Rate Optimization, we were able to exceed our ROAS target.

We also introduced a Google Ads campaign that hit a (ROAS) of 7.3 in just 30 days.

Overall, within the first few months from launch, the brand was able to scale to over $100,000 monthly revenue and reached their goal of $1,000,000 in under a year.

Financial ServicesBroad Financial


The Goal: This Financial Services client reached out to Business Nitrogen because they wanted to increase their conversion rate while maintaining their paid traffic spend.

The Challenge: The financial space is highly competitive and so cost per click can easily exceed $60 which makes scaling conversions while maintaining a lower cost per click very difficult.

The Results: We significantly optimized their Google paid search using a strategy that introduced Facebook ads to increase reach, leads, and closed sales.

We segmented the paid search campaigns based on geographic location and focused on the best performing keywords. The team also executed conversion rate optimization on the landing pages that received paid traffic to optimize the complete customer journey.

Working with Google, we were able to run ads for client’s The Ultimate Bitcoin IRA Plan, despite it being challenging to get paid ads approved for Bitcoin on their platform.

Simultaneously, our creative team generated new hooks and concepts to increase the click through rate of display ads.

Personal DevelopmentInternational Success Mentor

The Goal: This International Success Mentor came to Business Nitrogen to optimize their paid advertising spend while scaling with a profitable ROAS of 3.0 or higher.

The Challenge: They wanted to launch two completely new products during the pandemic.

The Results: We reduced paid advertising spend by 63% (2020 vs 2019) while growing the seven paid advertising accounts for a 35% increase in the overall revenue (YOY).

The new paid traffic strategy alone created a $3,500,000 increase in 2020 vs 2019.

They also had two large 8-figure launches in December 2019 and December 2020 while working with Business Nitrogen’s strategy.

Business DevelopmentBusiness Growth Leader and Trainer

The Goal: This Business Growth Leader asked Business Nitrogen to help increase attendance for their annual high-ticket events. As the pandemic hit in 2020 we were tasked with managing the strategy to shift in-person events to digital alternatives. They also wanted to bring in more qualified leads for strategy sessions in their high-ticket inner circle program that starts at $20,000 annually.

The Challenge: Biggest challenge was attribution from in-person sales often at the large events. We needed to effectively track the lead back to the initial ad that triggered their first opt-in.

The Results: While focusing on cold leads and new client generation, we implemented a robust attribution system to track all sales back to the initial contact. We then optimized to scale with the ads and messaging that created the best results.

This created over a 50% increase in revenue for the client while profitably scaling their ad campaigns.

The BEST Investment You’ll Make In Your Business All Year…

As mentioned earlier, we were able to save a highly successful company like ClickFunnels over $200K as a result of identifying just ONE mistake they were making with their ads…

This is because our Premier Traffic Audit was designed from our 10+ year experience running and managing millions of dollars of ad traffic for our clients on Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other platforms throughout various industries; so you can be confident that what you’ll receive from us will be not only eye-opening… It’ll pay dividends in the end (which is why we call it an investment). 

In fact, if my experienced team can’t find ONE single mistake that can save you money OR optimize your ad spend, I’ll immediately refund your investment of $1097 (and if I were you, I’d bonus that money to your current ad team for doing such an incredible job!) 

What Type of Business Will Get The Most Out Of Our Premier Traffic Audit?

What Type of Business Won’t Benefit? 

To get started, simply start STEP ONE and complete the quick assessment above!

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