Hiring is a necessary evil.

In order to grow and scale, you need the right talent to get you there…Yet the process itself can be utterly time consuming AND often results in having to kiss a few frogs to finally find that “perfect fit”.

What if all the heavy-lifting was done for you, and you were only handed the highest qualified candidates that checked every box you were looking for? Click below to see if Nitrogen Hiring Network could be your talent recruitment solution. 

Is Hiring Your Greatest Entrepreneurial Blind Spot?

Hiring the RIGHT Talent is ONE of the FASTEST Ways to Successfully SCALE Your Business…Yet 9 out of 10 Entrepreneurs Avoid it Like the Plague!

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While most of us already know that we need TOP talent to grow and scale our businesses, the majority of Entrepreneurs struggle “cracking the code” when it comes to successfully attracting, qualifying, hiring and ultimately RETAINING the right people for their team.

And how could they? It’s not like they teach us this in school. And I’ve yet to see a training program or course that outlines a proven formula and step-by-step process to successfully hiring right-talent for each unique business out there (as let’s face it, we’re in a league of our own having built an Entrepreneurial based business… AND each one of our businesses is completely unique, and therefore requires very different things, especially at different junctions of our growth).

It’s the Greatest Entrepreneurial Blind Spot.

If you’re reading this, most likely you’ve reached a pivotal point in your business where you’ve become painfully aware that either your sales and marketing have hit a plateau (or in some cases have taken a dive), OR your sales and marketing efforts have far exceeded the infrastructure you’ve put in place to support it. 

The quickest, sure-fire way to SCALE and break through that invisible glass ceiling is to add the right talent to your team that possesses the right specialized knowledge and skill set to get you where you want to grow.

This is truly a defining moment in your business. It’s where your business will either:

Having worked directly with Entrepreneurs over the past 20 years helping them successfully grow and scale their businesses, I know a thing or two about what their mindset is, and what usually happens next.

Entrepreneurs either hire the wrong talent, OR they avoid hiring completely. 

Having worked directly with Entrepreneurs over the past 20 years helping them successfully grow and scale their businesses, I know a thing or two about what their mindset is, and what usually happens next.

Entrepreneurs either hire the wrong talent, OR they avoid hiring completely. 

Tell me, does any of this sound familiar? 

You avoid hiring because you honestly don’t know what you really need, therefore you don’t have any idea where to even start.
You’ve hired in the past and it turned out to be a complete disaster so you’ve resigned to the fact that you’re just a “bad picker” and now you don’t touch it with a ten foot pole.
You experience pretty high turnover (more than 10% a year), so you are constantly trying to “plug the leaks” in an effort to keep the boat afloat–making it nearly impossible to focus on the future needs and hires of the business.
You procrastinate because you know how terribly time consuming hiring is, and you simply don’t have the time to invest in it.
You push it off to another team member to “handle” and magically expect this person to know (or learn) the secret formula to hiring the right-fit talent for your unique team and business.
You’ve never abided by the rule of “Hire slow, fire fast”, so you admit to cutting corners when qualifying, screening and hiring so you could check it off your to-do list and move on to the next thing.
You decide that you don’t really need a new team member, so you task your current team with new, additional responsibilities and tasks necessary in an effort to push forward. As a result your current team is pulled away from their current responsibilities and they become completely overwhelmed. Now things are falling through the cracks, and you feel like you’re in a worse situation than you were before…so do they.
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Here’s the thing that you may not know (and I only know this because I’ve scaled multiple businesses).

There are 3 BIG mistakes Entrepreneurs make when it comes to hiring… 

Oftentimes the people who got you to where you are, aren’t necessarily the ones that will take you to where you want to grow.
David Asarnow

Mistake #1:

Not hiring the right talent to get them where they really want to be. 

It’s vital to have the right key players in place to help you break through that invisible glass ceiling so you can successfully SCALE.

This is not to say you have the wrong people on your team in place… It simply means you need unique talent that possesses the specialized knowledge necessary to get you to the next level in your business.

This also means keeping the people you do have in place focused completely on what they do best to really gain traction to scale your business. Each team member working within their unique talents and coming together to collaborate is the difference between a high-performing team and a mediocre team. High-performing teams take you to the next level. 

mistake 01

Mistake #2:

Hiring the wrong talent. 

For the most part, hiring the wrong talent is a direct result of poor screening and lack of qualification. Not only from a skillset level, but from a culture standpoint too.

Many Entrepreneurs aren’t exactly clear on what they need. If they do know what they need, sometimes they are not clear on exactly what qualifications to look for in the candidates they attract. The result? People are hired that are “generalists” not specialists

Some hire too quickly and don’t do their due diligence in assessing the candidate’s qualification and skill level.

Taking the necessary time and effort to ensure candidates can REALLY do what they say they can do takes a well thought out and properly executed skill set exercise and evaluation to ensure they in fact possess the knowledge and “how to” experience needed to perform the job at a superior level.

With that being said, after actually finding candidates out there that really can do what they say they can do, you must also ensure they are a right fit for your company culture. 

Culture is one of the biggest reasons for high-turnover in companies, and unfortunately it’s the most overlooked, (especially during the hiring process which is bazzar to me). Culture alignment is VITAL. Evaluating every candidate to ensure they are aligned with your company culture is equally important as ensuring they possess the specialized knowledge and skill qualifications for the position at hand.

Hiring the wrong talent is COSTLY, and not just from a financial perspective. Think about the opportunity cost of hiring the wrong team member. 

Hiring the wrong talent also robs you of two more precious investments… Time & Resources.

In our world, TIME is something we just don’t have enough of as it is. As visionaries we need to be focused on doing what we do best and propelling the business forward.

Time invested in attracting, qualifying, skill set testing and culture fit testing aside… After hiring a new team member, time and resources are invested in onboarding, training, and getting new team members up to speed on all the inner workings of your unique business…which indirectly leads us right into mistake #3. 

Mistake #3:

Not actively working to RETAIN team members, and overlooking the revolving door of talent within the organization. 

Losing one team member isn’t just a loss of that person and their knowledge. It’s the loss of investment in that team member. All the time investment, effort and energy that was put into acquiring and training that team member to get them to the level they were at. 

mistake 03

Now consider some of the other costly losses associated with losing a key player and the detrimental effects on your business: 

Making one or all three of these mistakes is exactly why most business owners fail to ever scale their business. On the other side of the coin, avoiding these mistakes will get you on the quickest path to scaling your business. 

Now here’s the moment to really pay attention…

Hiring the RIGHT Talent Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult, Frustrating, or Time Consuming…

If It’s Done For You.

What if all the heavy-lifting was done for you? And you were only handed the highest qualified candidates that checked every box you were looking for?

NO more:

Just the highest quality candidates delivered to you on a silver platter that you just perform a final interview with…

That’s exactly what we do for our clients through our Nitrogen Hiring Network. It’s just another way we help Entrepreneurs scale their businesses… Hiring right fit sales, marketing and operations talent specifically for Entrepreneurial teams. 

For Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs.

Right now, no one that we’ve seen… (Literally NO ONE) in the market has developed a proven process for hiring RIGHT FIT talent specifically for Entrepreneurial businesses.

My team has been hiring specialized talent for Entrepreneurial teams for over 20 years.

Here’s just a sneak peak of what our “done for you” hiring package looks like: 

*By the way, cognitive assessments are imperative as they measure how quickly a person can pick up new concepts. You can’t grow fast unless your team members are adept at learning new things quickly. 

What you’ll get from us after all this is two or three HIGHLY qualified, screened and vetted candidates that we feel 100% confident will be a perfect fit for you and your team. 

Hiring the RIGHT Talent is ONE of the FASTEST Ways to Successfully SCALE Your Business

And now you have a DONE FOR YOU solution to attaining the perfect talent for your unique business. See if we are your recruitment solution–apply below.

P.S. Even if you don’t know what you need, we can help you figure that out. It’s our Superpower!