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January 29, 2015
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June 6, 2016

Linkedin for SEO Value… and Connections

linkedin for seo value

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Use LinkedIn for SEO Value… and Connections!

You Must Be Googalable!

A very powerful arrow in your SEO quiver may just be LinkedIn.

According to being Googalable is:

“1. The ability of an item to be found using a Google search.

2. Also indicative of popularity. “

When you type in your name along with a keyword phrase that you would like to appear for, what shows up? Do you like what you see? Does the first page of a Google search professionally frame you in the light that you would like?

If you happy with what you currently see, you may want to take charge of your online reputation before others do it for you. After all, this is not something you want to leave up to chance.

Founded in mid-2008, has been around for a long time (for Internet standards). While LinkedIn was originally viewed as a place for job seekers to post a resume and employers to search them, today LinkedIn is a solid professional business networking site that effectively connects you with the business world that has the possibility to give you a strong pre-framed touch point on Google.

What Facebook is to personal social networking, Linked in is for business.
David Asarnow

I had taken a hiatus from LinkedIn for a few months until a conversation reminded me how powerful linked in could be. That morning I decided that I was going to hire a new marketing assistant.

By chance, I decided to log into Linked in so that I could see how to search potential resumes. I never made it that far. Low and behold, I was checking my overflowing inbox of LinkedIn messages when I see one from a former industry acquaintance. It was a group message saying that his stepdaughter had recently graduated from college and was looking for a position (preferably in Atlanta). Well, she was a perfect fit and less than two weeks later was working by my side at Business Oxygen.

While we can chalk this up to great timing, I tend to lean more towards intention and being open to possibilities. My friend and Co-Host of Business Banter often says that your network equals your net worth. LinkedIn opens up your network on a greater level.

So how does this equate to SEO? Build out your Lined in Profile effectively and it can provide you an opportunity to frame your first impression on Google.

LinkedIn has over 200 million members worldwide. Being the world’s largest professional networking website, it is very well indexed in the search engines.

Take it seriously and you may very well get a front-page search engine listing and a powerful way to generate B2B leads.

Unfortunately for most people, their profiles lay incomplete, which significantly minimizes its value. Implement the following tips and you will create a SEO optimized LinkedIn profile that will help you increase your presence and put you in a position for more profitable business relationships.

1. Decide The Keywords You Want To Optimize For

When building out your LinkedIn profile you need to begin with the end in mind. Decide what profile terms you would like to be optimized for.

Linked in currently has over One Billion annual searches. While searches are typically for businesses and people, today many are also for keywords.

LinkedIn creates relevance for their search result rankings based upon their very own search algorithm.

The people you are connected to (1st Degree) will populate first. Those with completed profiles typically show at the top (Another reason to complete your profile).

Next you will see 2nd and 3rd degree connections (people connected to your connections), and then people in Groups that you are part of.

When selecting LinkedIn profile keywords, use as many as you can, focusing on keywords that are descriptive of what you are associated with.

Keywords can be added to your skills, headline, name and title. LinkedIn currently allows for up to 50 different skills. They are your “LinkedIn Keywords” so use them all.

Another effective place for keywords is your current and past positions. While this is not a traditional resume, it is your opportunity to create a frame of reference for how people will see you and your experiences online. People search LinkedIn, so be bold, speak of your results.

2. Create Headline Impact

Your headline is your opportunity to create a strong first impression. You get to custom craft this on your LinkedIn profile. Before writing, think what you want people to read about you. Make it stand out! What makes you and your business different?

If you want to show up for a specific search, make sure you use targeted keywords. On LinkedIn, your headline is your stadium pitch. You have seconds to capture attention. You will never have the opportunity to WOW if you do not engage.

If you want to make it easy for people to connect with you may use your email address in your LinkedIn headline.

I set my profile to require someone knowing my email address to connect. For me, this is a personal choice so that I am not getting thousands of random connection requests such as the 4800 I just cleaned up this morning. So the question you may want to ask is how many people do you want to open yourself up to.

3. Add Your Photo

Unless, know someone personally, I will not add a contact that does not have a personal photo. With so many autobots out there, having a face photo adds an element to the trust factor. Make the photo professional, as LinkedIn is not Facebook.

Cell phones today take pretty good quality photos, so truly there is not an excuse.

4. Get Endorsed

LinkedIn recently added an endorsement feature. You set your skills and others will have an opportunity to endorse you.

You can pro-actively reach out and ask others to endorse you. When they do, you can add this to your profile. If they endorse you, it would be a nice gesture to endorse them back.

Remember, LinkedIn is about engagement. If you do not engage and interact with others, it will be as if you are sitting on an island by yourself.

5. Get Recommended

I get requests weekly asking if I will endorse someone, and I do not know them personally. On LinkedIn, you can add references from people you have worked with. It’s easy to request a recommendation, however make sure they have personal knowledge of their skills so that it is authentic.

6. Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn has recently implemented a feature on that indicated the strength and completion of your profile. LinkedIn affords you an opportunity to complete your profile with photos, videos, and documents in addition to a comprehensive summary.

Take advantage of the opportunity and ill it up with real-life examples of your business experience. If you are a keynote speaker, you can add your sizzle reel. And if you are a web designer, add your portfolio. If you are a photographer, add photos.

The information you provide will add credibility to your LinkedIn profile.

7. Keep Your Profile Updated

By updating your profile you increase engagement within LinkedIn. Every time you update your profile you show up in the news feed.

Updating your profile with new information, photos, videos, news and feed will keep you within site and at the top of people minds.

8. Adding & Accepting People as Contacts

The more contacts you have, the more you show up in the LinkedIn search results. You can easily add people you have connected to in the past by connecting with your address book or email account on Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook, etc.

If you want someone to accept your request it is best to personalize it. It will jog their memory of who you are and why they should connect with you.

9. Start Online Engagement

Starting online engagement is crucial for your success online, start conversations in your feed, post and comment on blog articles, join discussions in groups and on your personal and company page(s).

10. LinkedIn Is FREE And Adds SEO Value

As we shared in the beginning of this blog, LinkedIn is FREE and if you build your profile correctly, it can add tremendous SEO value.

And of course… Let’s connect on LinkedIn!

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