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How to Get More Online Reviews from Customers

get more online reviews

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Get More Online Reviews From Customers

We hear it all the time – You are using social media now for your business.  But do you need to worry about online reviews from my customers?  The short answer is YES!

Online Reviews are vital. In today’s world, a business must have an online presence to succeed. However, one must realize that utilizing that online power is a double-edged sword. It can become the thing that drives your business to thrive, or it can send it to its early grave. Consumers are all about gaining instant information about anything and everything. Information that would aid them to make an educated buying decision.

Online Reviews

Statistics have consistently revealed that most consumers nowadays are cautious when doing business. If there is a new shop opened, they will not transact any business until they have read their online reviews. And with the use of social media, people can immediately post their experience with a business. Whether the experience is excellent or inadequate, people will share it with the world.

Benefits of Online Reviews

Online reviews from your target customers are essential to the success of your business. There are many benefits of getting customer reviews. These advantages range from free advertising to improved search engine rankings. Moreover, online reviews can provide a more direct relationship with your clients and customers, and they can set you apart from your competition. There are some ways in which you can get far more reviews from your target customers and boost your business reputation.customer-online-reviews-2-co-buildrepo

  • To produce more positive online reviews is to take care of your clients 100%. This strategy may sound rather trivial, but no one can deny that happy customers will leave positive reviews. Moreover, if customers feel like you have gone above and beyond, they can provide a dazzling review. A simple concept – but undeniably effective when implemented. If there is an issue with an order or service, take care of it, and get it right immediately. Take negative reviews as an opportunity to learn. To provide excellent customer service every time, one must learn to turn a negative into a positive.


  • Give ample attention to customer comment, feedback, or online reviews daily (even multiple times a day if needed). Set up Google Alerts to inform you once people mentions your business or website online. Or use a service like Reputology to check your online reviews for you.


  • Keep your social presence active and lively. Give your customers that extra attention. Answer inquiries, thank customers for their support, provide information about upcoming events, new releases or sales, and more. The more you connect with your patrons, the more likely they will interact with you. The interaction between you and your customers will lead to more reviews and more buzz.


  • Do not be afraid to ask for honest reviews from your customers. Inform your clients that your business thrives from online reviews coming from customers, but do not be too aggressive. If customers have a good experience, kindly ask them to please help spread the word.


  • Leave a fantastic, long-lasting impression. To obtain a comment or review, you must make the experience memorable to the consumer. This strategy is easy to accomplish. Just makes sure that you take care of the customer and that they are happy with the experience. When you do this, often the rest will happen naturally!


  • If you do receive a bad review, do not EVER fire back in defense about your company, product or employee. Rather, thank the consumer for the feedback, and make it right. In most cases, that is all it takes to rectify the issue. Moreover, if you fix whatever issue they had and play your cards right – they will update their original review. Now, not only do you have a happy customer, you have social proof of excellent customer service!


  • Make it incredibly easy for your customers to leave a review. The easier, the better. A great strategy is to set up a “Feedback section” on your website with links to all of your review pages (like Angie’s List, CitySearch, Facebook, Google Local, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc.). Direct happy customers to this page and then they can choose which option is convenient for them. Add a “Call to Action” to receipts and invoices. By just putting a Call to Action at the bottom of your receipt, you are letting your customers know you value their feedback.



  • Display positive feedback and reviews in the key areas of your business, particularly where most customers will see them. This strategy proves that you value your customer’s experience seriously, and it also piques their ego – Are they next ones to be featured?


  • Show your gratitude by thanking reviewers publicly on social media. A great way to acquire more positive reviews is by recognizing your current positive one. Customers like being recognized. And by acknowledging their reviews, it shows you appreciate them, and proves they matter.


  • One of the best ways to increase customer comments and online review is by making the review process part of your work process. In short, explain to your employees the importance of asking customers for their review. Implement an incentive scheme with your staff to encourage their support. It will motivate them to begin actively ask all customers to do an online review.

This is only one part of the marketing process.

Regardless of what strategies you choose to increase the number of online reviews, keep in mind that it is only one part of the marketing process. Follow-up is the key to keeping the reviews coming and ensuring that your business thrives from these reviews and comments. If you do not participate in the review process by responding back and engaging in conversation, you will eventually stop receiving feedback.

The review process today is about engaging with the customer and making them feel like they are a part of the bigger picture. Customers want an amazing experience for their money’s worth – and that is a fact. With today’s competitive market, they can purchase service or product anywhere. So give them what they want – great products or services, and excellent customer service. When you connect and engage with your customers, they will invest in your business. This action creates repeat business and a virtually free referral and advertising network for you!

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