Tired of the Website Silent Treatment?

Stop The Website Silent Treatment

Discover The Best 4 Ways To Engage and Maintain Your Website Visitors

To thrive online today, you have to have adequate communication with internet traffic and engagement.

Here are four ways that you can create 2-way communication with visitors on your website that will help turn viewers into customers.

1. Provide Contact Information

While it may seem simple, a lot of business owners do not understand the importance of being, or merely appearing, available for their online consumers and customers. If you have a website, top right (front and center) make sure that you provide customers with the essential contact information.

Think about it.

A random visitor chance upon your website and loves it! So naturally, they want to get a little more information from you. So, they ultimately decide to email or call you.

Provide your telephone number and email address then create a section for them to “opt-in,” and when they do contact you, be there. Be available. Or else, you may just lose a customer!

Just yesterday, I was checking out different hosting companies and came upon one that was recommended by a friend.  On their website, they promised 24/7 availability.  It was 10 AM Eastern Time, so I called them up.  After spending five minutes on hold, I hung up.  Next, I tried their instant chat feature. No one was there.  So, I sent a message with some questions.  A couple of hours later I received a polite response.

Online consumers of today expect instant answers and availability, especially during regular business hours.  Your contact information needs to be prominent, and easy to locate. If neither of these is right for your site, then you are losing valuable customers or potential clients quickly.

By not providing your customers with ways in which to contact you, you are indirectly saying:  “I don’t want you to contact me.”

Having this information available does not necessarily mean your phone will ring off the hook, or your inbox will be full. Merely providing this information sends a message to customers that you are there if they need you. Making them more likely to trust you and your product(s) or service.

2. Utilize Social Media

In many cases, customers feel more comfortable communicating with a business via their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

Social media sites are a catalyst for conversation with your customers. A businesses’ presence on social media is more important than ever. Social media can develop the company’s consumer awareness, drive brand initiatives, and create a loyal customer fan base, that is…if it is done correctly.

Just having a Facebook page does not guarantee that the doorway to customer communication has opened. Your business has to be active on social media to indeed reap the benefits.

While Facebook is, perhaps, the most common example of social media, it is important to note that it may not be the most effective form of social media for you and your business. You should be active on the social media platforms that your customers are most active. For example, a photography business may utilize Flickr or Instagram (social media platforms that are image driven) where a blog writer may stay active on Twitter.

The most important goal you should have while using social media to market your business is keeping the conversation going and alive with your customers. Social media is inherently conversational, so your customers will expect some acknowledgment and reaction from you when they reach out.

DO NOT overwhelm yourself and your resources by attempting to have a presence on all social media platforms! Pick and choose wisely which sites are the best and most efficient for your business and make sure you are willing to keep the conversation going.


Marketing your business is a great way to get the conversation going with current and potential customers or clients. When it comes to marketing it’s all about being engaging and educating…” how do I do this?” you ask…

Effective marketing begins with offering customers value, whether this is through tips and tricks you share or some sort of bonus for taking their time to give your business attention.

Get the conversation going by asking your consumers for feedback.  Engaging your customers through actively asking for and genuinely wanting feedback helps them feel involved in your business, which can develop loyalty and trust.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust.  Once you have the confidence of your potential customers, it is imperative that you nurture this faith through consistent value-rich follow-up. Consistently reach out through email marketing, social media posts, or just picking up the phone. (Picking up the telephone is one of the most effective forms of communication because most people avoid this).

4. DESIGN. Wow, their Socks Off!

While content, social media, and marketing are all key in engaging online consumers, visual design should also be a top priority for those looking to sustain audiences, keep them around, and convert viewers into leads.

The design of your website is a reflection of you, your business, and your brand. Internet users will learn a lot about you based solely on your site design.

You want your website to be easy to navigate while being engaging enough so that it keeps users on the page. Adding your twist and personality to the site may encourage visitors to explore further. It is possible to create and maintain a clean and simple page layout, designed for making visitors feel welcome.

Website viewers need to know that other customers and clients trust and believe in your business. Adding testimonials is powerful in creating a third-party validation that you are effective and do what you say. Try embedding a video testimonial to make your page more dynamic and interactive.  Plus, a video is very effective in adding credibility.

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