Which type are you?

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Which type are you?

We all have experienced that ONE client… 

You know, the one you are WAY excited to get on the phone with because you just know the call is going to be productive, positive, and energizing… 

Then there’s the other client. The one that takes the wind right out of your sails when you see their name in your calendar. The one that drains every last ounce of energy every time you talk to them…

What if you could wave a magic wand, and have ALL your clients fall into the first category? 

Who wouldn’t want this?

I’ve learned in life and business that we either attract what WE are, or we put ourselves in a position to attract certain people (positive or negative).

In a nutshell…A magic wand isn’t necessary. 

If you have more than a few clients that fall into the second category (draining, negative, frustrating), it’s time to start asking yourself one very important question:  

Which type of client are YOU


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Are you the person another dreads talking to because the result is draining, negative, and frustrating OR are you the person that another person looks forward to talking to?

Quick story…

I recently ordered a sport jacket from a company online and when it arrived I discovered it didn’t fit. 

I went online and started their return process. 

During the first few steps I was given the opportunity to double my credit amount on that particular item versus taking a refund for it.  

The catch was that I would just need to use that credit right then and there on their site. 

I thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool… What a clever way to save the sale and create a raving fan!”

That was until I started having issues with making the exchange through their online system. 

I chatted with their customer support. After getting nowhere (and 20 minutes later), I finally gave up on chat and emailed the company directly. 

I received a response back directing me to just ship the sport jacket back to them in the mail and that they would still honor the double the credit because it was my intention to

take advantage of it.

So I mailed it back. Two weeks later, crickets. 

Three weeks later, crickets. 

A month later, I emailed the company inquiring if they ever received the shirt back. 

I received an email back from a representative saying they did receive the jacket back. 

No additional detail or direction or update given. 

So I replied back and inquired about my double credit. 

The response back was “I’m so sorry, I know I promised you a double credit, but my manager is not approving it now.”

How do you think that made me feel? (Not a raving fan, that’s for sure).

I ended up emailing back asking if they could go to a higher level.

The representative Marcos sent me this response, “Hey David, I wanted to let you know that I have escalated this as far as I can and we are looking into this further and will have a response for you on Monday when everyone is back in the office.




It was Friday we chatted. He never responded.

I didn’t care how good their clothing was…I wouldn’t buy from them again, for one reason, lack of integrity.  

I was fine upfront returning my product for a refund or credit.  

What I am not ok with is a person or company that does not have integrity.  

Integrity and Reliability are two VITAL components to building an Infinite Business

It all goes back to the principle of treating others as you want to be treated. You may know this as “The Golden Rule”. 

Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated- The Golden Rule 

Does this apply in business? 

Absolutely it does!

Here’s a great example:

I joined a strategy call last week with my team and one of our clients. 

This particular client had been with us for about a year and a half, and I wanted to hop on for about 15 minutes or so just to say hello, see how they were doing, and ask if there was anything we could do for them. 

As soon as I asked how they were doing, the client shifted gears on me and instead of telling me how they were, they immediately started going into how grateful they were for our team… How this team member did this, and then this team member helped them do that…

I couldn’t get a word in edgewise for about 10 minutes (nor did I want to…the team members that were being showered with appreciation were all on the call and I wanted them to hear every word). 

It was awe-inspiring for me and the team. 

Here’s the best part… 

On our team call earlier that week (before this client call occurred), every team member who was working with this particular client raved about how wonderful they were to work with, and how impressed they were that this client executed everything they said they would to keep things moving forward. 

See how the appreciation goes both ways?   

We have so many clients and businesses that we love working with, and vice versa.  Not only do both sides reciprocate integrity and reliability, both sides share mutual appreciation for each other. 

Some might think I have high expectations… Maybe so.  

All I’ll say to that is: High expectations have served me well in life and in business

Exceeding expectations in business is where my team and I strive to set the bar.  Because of this, MY expectations of others have attracted the best clients and businesses for our company and our culture.

These are the only clients we choose to invest our time and energy into. These are the businesses that are changing the world for the better. These are the businesses making the biggest impact. 

By helping these businesses attain their iconic visions, they can reach even more people in the world. We get to be a part of that. It’s a pretty incredible Flywheel if you think about it… 

So now, think about how this can create a positive shift in your business… 

  • What do you need to do as a leader to make your company the one that people are excited to work with and talk to? 
  • How do you put yourself in a position where people CHOOSE YOU? 
  • When faced with a challenge, how do you react and take care of your client? 
  • How do you train, develop, mentor, and coach your entire team to make sure you’re that ONE company that someone is excited to interact with? 

As always, happy to brainstorm how to get you exactly where you want to be in your business.

Our company’s mission is to help you achieve your vision. In many ways, your vision and your legacy is our purpose.  

Simply hit reply with some basic contact info and we can set up a time…

To your success,



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